THE LAST DAYS, 25 & 26, of Body/Mind Cleanse, without Food.

DAY 25

It’s taken me all day to write, but finally, here we go. 
I awoke very well, with strong dreams…Essentially, I dreamt about what Yurai was feeling, which led us to healing. 

At 1am this morning, we participated in a world wide womb blessing attunement, as well as a moon blessing (for men), which was led by the incredible, Miranda Gray, leading lady on bringing light to what’s otherwise terribly taboo: MENSTRUATION, & author of “Optimised Woman,” and “The Red Moon.” (Both of which Yurai owns, making me one very very very lucky lady!). 😉

We’d meditated for just under an hour, first to give healing to my womb and all that I am as a woman, accepting and sharing my divine femininity, after which, we shared outwardly, spreading the blessings and love. Last but not least, a meditation for Yurai, further healing, balancing out the masculine and feminine aspects of himself, whilst further harmonising us. 

It was quite an experience, to say the least. 
I’d already been preparing in the day, doing a meditation for my womb in the warm sun, in a playground laden with older women, busily chatting about life. I’m feeling all kinds of things around where I imagine my womb lays, as I am ovulating, which is doubly special during a full moon. 

We awoke late and whilst still in bed, resolved some major stuff first thing in the morning, had beautiful sex, and really, had such a magical day. Both of us opened up ever more, and were feeling quite wonderful. 

Not eating is having no negative impact on me. We were encouraged to drink more water, as part of the meditations, which was easily done, as well as to eat, to help with detoxification of our bodies. 

There did come a point in the middle of the afternoon, that I had to lay down due to, not quite pain, but some sort of feelings going on around my womb. I meditated for it, as suggested by Miranda Gray (an ongoing daily meditation for just a few minutes, giving love and continued healing to my womb), and immediately slept. 

I awoke, bright and ready to go again, had the feeling for a bowel movement (which I even dreamt about ;)), and had a minor release. 

Eventually I was out, buying all the things I needed to make bread. The result, a beautiful Irish soda bread, made especially for Yurai. 🙂 I also made a few other things today, out of sheer excitement- and, sprouting has begun for the commencement of my eating again. 🙂

For now, I’m very much looking forward to asparagus with lemon and butter. :))) 

Thursday, 07 May- DAY 26 & the day after I began to eat. 

So, I hit my threshold yesterday, on Day 26.  Yurai had already suggested I start eating a few days back as something didn’t seem right with me. 

I’d said I was ok – it was the normal tiredness and pain associated with ovulating. I asked my body on Monday and Tuesday, if she needed food and she was fine without it, but yesterday, not ok. It was no longer pain from ovulation, there was much else going on. 

My left ear was hurting a lot and I felt queasy. I took the hint from my body – and especially my ear.

Left represents the feminine aspect of oneself, and pain in my ear on that side was telling me that there was something I wasn’t hearing. I accepted that as my body’s signal to commence eating.

 Once I did, the pain backed off, but not totally. After I’d had my soup, the pain was back. Strange? Not so much. 
I told Yurai, and he asked if I wanted to do EFT/tapping for it. I didn’t sense the need as my thoughts were that the lingering pain had to do with my ego- that on a subconscious level, I was feeling guilty and disappointed with myself for not having made it to my intended 30days, as opposed to just 26.  
At this revelation, Yurai suggested I go to the bathroom, look in the mirror and apologise to my beautiful self, and thank her – he is such a wizard, really.

I apologized to my body and thanked her for everything over the past 25 days, that we made it, and that I promise to be good to her, to not take her for granted, to feed her with the most beautiful food, made with love, or blessed with my heart if I didn’t make it. 

Ego dealt with and it was only after some time that I realized I no longer had an earache, and felt as light as a feather. 🙂 

Gosh…I’m sitting in a cafe just now, feeling incredible whilst writing….I’m so grateful, to Yurai, and so very lucky to have him in my life, by my side.  We’ve learned so much about ourselves and one another through this cleanse, of which he participated 11 days. 🙂 

Back to food! After my decision to recommence eating, the very first thing I picked up was the most beautiful fragrant tomato, at room temperature. I sliced it and ate it slowly, then another, before I made the pictured soup of garlic/ginger/onions/courgette/coriander/coconut oil/spring onions/tamari & wakame. I couldn’t get enough of it, and thought I’d eat it for days and days, but seeing it this morning, I couldn’t bear the thought of eating it again! 

[I know, I know, I started my food blog, with “My Food Manifesto,”  but haven’t posted any food on it yet. All in due time, as I’m finished with blogging about the cleanse, and carry forward with food. I only don’t know where to start- maybe with the soup? 🙂 ]

Simple veg with homemade focaccia

Focaccia before baking

I’m picking up asparagus and peas today, along with more tomatoes. I want veggies and fruits so far, today anyhow, which is a far cry from last time I finished a 21 DAY cleanse. I stuffed my body like a turkey, with no regard for what I was putting in her, or when…..I was so arrogant, so very arrogant towards her. 

White bean & sundried tomato + Masoor
lentil & roasted red pepper hummus. 

I feel like this has been a brilliant reset, for my body. Having been an observer to myself during my deepest emotions, where the usual vice of food was not available, I had to deal with EVERYTHING, correction, I CHOSE to deal with everything…

Now, we continue forward in balance, in harmony, in yoga (which means union), of body and mind. 

My dear husband, Yurai Sipkovsky, I love you, thank you for everything. 

God, I love life – thank You.   


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