More than just a Food Revolution

(Written Saturday, 16 May). 

Today was the big Food revolution day everywhere, and I’d planned to head into Old Town Bratislava, to join everyone else interested in the event.  However, I awoke, feeling like absolute crap, bloated beyond belief in my hands and feet to the point of pain my left hand. Even worse than that was that my belly was bloated, like I was 5 months pregnant or something. Not pleasant. 

Interestingly enough, I’d just had a dream in which I was very stressed out. I was pregnant, and though I would now be accepted by certain family members – that I was finally going along with status quo – it wasn’t what I’d wanted.  

The dream felt incredibly real, like they often do these days, during and after the water cleanse. 

Anyhow, within minutes of getting out of bed, I went out for my usual meditative walk, and whilst heading downstairs, even my lower legs started to hurt. “What on earth is going on?!?!” I thought….  
Over and over again I was repeating to myself, “I love you Munjeet Sehra,” whilst tapping under my collar bone.  I was doing this for my body, to relieve the bloating, which I had no idea from where it was all coming. 

I spoke to anger, I spoke to inflammation, I spoke to control and fear…Things were starting to come to me, old things which I’d never expressed to the person or people involved, which my body had held onto- that I was so inflamed. 
Amazing that even though life is wonderful, and I have no complaints about the present moment, my subconscious dredges us stuff for me to deal with. Fine, I accept this all, especially now that I know what to do with it.  

The walk helped a ton, and shortly after I returned home, the swelling in my extremities started to dissipate, and was fully gone by noon, after playing with food- my solace. 

The bloating in my belly (something I’m not digesting in my life), still remained though. It was soon time to head over to the centre for the Food Revolution, so I showered, and got dressed, but then sat on the bed, feeling really glum. I couldn’t figure it out, and my intuition was screaming at me not to go out, to stay in and be still.  

Decision made. So I did. I decided it best not to go anywhere.  

In the end, I missed all the festivities of Food Revolution, which I’d been so looking forward to – and quite happily, to be honest – as I slowed down and further gave my body the attention she was screaming for. 

Something was/still is really out of whack, but the tapping, self love, and Yurai – bless him for his patience and understanding – are helping loads.
Now then this huge ramble- and that picture—-all in all, I played with food, of course, and am feeling much better for it.
[Jeeze, I forgot to mention the headache and ear pain from this morning. All gone too, and I believe I just needed to get creative, in that regard.]  

I tell you, adjusting back to food, after 26 days of not eating, hasn’t actually been easy…that’s another post though. 

Ok, ramble over! Let’s talk food. 🙂 
We’ve been really hooked on anything hummus- like of late, so I’ve got two kinds here, a version using kidney beans and peas, and the other with white beans and peas. The third spread, which started out as sprouted masoor lentils, with the usual curry fixings, was blended to oblivion, before I got the idea to add cottage cheese, so threw on some clothes and popped out to the shop, before carrying on. 
The fourth item on the plate is labneh – a yoghurt cheese – typical of Middle Eastern cuisine, that I was curious about. I got the idea from foodblogger, Rivka Friedman, who lived in Jerusalem for many years. She’s got some beautiful food over at Not Derby Pie. The labneh, though it required about 24 hours to set (and so beautifully), was very easy and tastey.  I didn’t make the accompanying za’atar, this time, but it’s in my mind. 🙂 

We also had some Balkan cheese in the fridge, so I cooked it slowly with cumin seeds & chili flakes- was fabulous, especially with my first time ever naan, for which I picked up the recipe at Budget Bytes, a great food site. Learning learning learning. 
So, all in all, seems we had our own revolutions here at #14, food and emotions. 🙂 
The food will be blogged over on my other site: Food is the Way 🙂 

Thanks for reading, as always. Much love and light. 


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