Ready, and action! Our Austrian Airlines commercial shoot.

19 May 14:08pm

So, it’s not the usual writing on a plane, though I am indeed on one. Yurai and I are here together in Vienna for a commercial shooting for Austrian Airlines (as extras).

It’s been quite a day already as I got up early so I could get my walk in (well worth it), and wash this mane of mine. 😀

We all met at the pick-up point for 10am, then headed to Vienna shortly after, (about a 35minute drive from Bratislava).

There’s been a lot of hanging around and waiting as I thought, so I’m very happy that I brought along my notebook and pen and talk about being productive! Two blog posts later, this the third, and finally, I’ll write out some recipes – as it seems that time is plentiful today.

My gosh….We’ve been on the plane for a while , there’s no air con and though we are supposed to have recieved lunch, we haven’t as yet. That wouldn’t be so bad if I had a supply of water, my bad for not bringing a jar. 

Nevermind, I’m not going to waste any energy on that thought, as it looks like we’re about to shoot. I carry on writing in any case, putting my focus there, as opposed to what’s missing. 

Cabin fever selfie with these handsome lads ;D

We’re meant to be natural, doing whatever we would normally do aboard a plane, and I always start with writing. 

Yhay, we’ve just been delivered some water!  To be honest, I feel relatively fine, besides a dull  headache, which comes and goes. And, earlier, I had a sharp pain in my right breast, and again a short while later. I inconspicuously pressed my right palm on my breast, touching my heart with my finger tips at the same time, (there are meridian endings in the fingertips, and the middle finger is the “heart protector”).  I talked to my breast before closing my eyes and tapping on my collar bone point.  I don’t know why I had the pain, but the second time I addressed it, it went away and never came back. 
We are off the plane for a food break-hot dogs and buns with ketchup and mustard.  I heard later on from my dear friend Richard, (who among other things, runs Cinejassy Casting, along with right hand man, Paul Chodur (and other lovely people) – the agency through which we were booked), that even he was surpised at what we were offered in terms of catering and general care. Not quite his standards, but there he was smiling, serving us up as if it was the best meal on earth, so that’s how I accepted it- with love and blessings.   

On a side note, before I pushed aside my ego, and got to the above train of throught, I thought I might skip lunch and just drink water but to be honest, knowing that we’d be recieving food, and already being physiologically and psychologyically prepared for it, funny as that sounds coming from someone who didin’t eat for 26 days (and as I described Richard’s service), there was zero harm- doubly blessed. 🙂

So happy to reconnect with this lovely jewel  😀

We were on and off the plane following the food, and as we’d been with the same group for much of the day, everyone was starting to bloom and mingle, and I met some very very lovely people, one of them, Divya Thakur, who I’ve been overdue to connect with! 

Looking forward to tomorrow. A 5am start time- yikes!

Day 2 – 7:40am

We arrived home at around 9pmish last night, and were totally wired. It was already close to 11pm or so by the time we crashed, and it barely felt as I’d slept. We had a 3:45am wak up time to make it to the bus for 5am.
Normally a morning person, but even for me, it was not only difficult to get up, but also, I no desire to chat with anyone.
On the bus, I closed my eyes and did some energy work & body talk, as I’d not done my usual meditation upon awaking. It was really lovely and when I finished the energy work, I got a chill/tingle throughout my whole body, and felt really wonderful.  

The group hasn’t seemed to have woken up yet as a collective, but it’s not even 8am yet.

Things are moving along much faster than yesterday, a welcome shift, though I have no complaints, as this is the way it is, with  shootings and such.

We’ve started with a quick rehearsal with stand ins, as we await the main actors, and I’ve been placed front row centre in business class, with the action happening just behind me.   It’s a little nerve wrecking, I must say, because there’s three cameras, light’s around, and a crew of about  six guys –  quite lovely, I may add ;D – and I’m to be as inconspicuous as possible, like any normal flight, awaiting for take-off, hence, ample time to write.

Oh my- I think I’m blushing at the moment, as the assistant director has just come up and stood by my side. When I looked up, she was looking at me and said, “you’re BeaUtiful,” and that was that. Feeling flattered. 🙂

I have got to say, that I have much respect for these guys, (the film crew), as they’ve go about 14-16 hour days whilst filming, with a constant raised level of stress, whilst us “extra’s,” wait around, (and have the luxury of tapping away any stress). And, of course I am biased towards the second in command because I felt like a happy five year old by her lovely comment, as she calls everyone sweetheart, and talks with smiling eyes.

Doodles which happened to attract attention from the film crew. I love art'ing :)
Trying to stay awake, doodling ;D

Ok, getting tired, and been doodling to keep myself awake more than anything, though my swirls and curls seem to have gotten the attention of the film crew, who keep peeking  over when not fliming, and some with nice comments –  I love “artting around.” 
Also, now between takes, I’m tapping, though actually, it’s ok that I’m tired as I’ve only had about four hours sleep, so let it be. 
Sometimes even tapping isn’t going to work, and as in my case now, my body asks for more recovery, especially as I’m seated.

Oh gosh,  I’m back home now, wired, and watching Nigella Lawson whilst writing.

I’m thoroughly tired after our lunch and much waiting around. It got surprisingly cold throughout the day and as we were shooting the last few shots, the wind was blowing strong, with the rain right behind it, and though we didn’t film in the worst of it, it was cold enough!

Fine. Winds of change persist, and the rain will wash away our woes, leaving room for newness. Fine.

Shooting at check in- oh the waiting! 

By the time we got off the bus back in BA, around 9ish, it was raining cats and dogs, and that wind was really showing it’s strength. Very surprisingly cold, compared to the heat we were baking in around noon.

I ran for the tram then home when I got off. Out of my cold and wet clothes, I warmed up the last of my “best ever bread,” and ate it with the last bit of hummus, as well as alfalfa sprouts which I soaked in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I decided I wanted dessert after that so I mixed honey and coconut oil with cacao powder, walnuts and shredded coconuts. No, no picture, but I’ll get one up for you next time  I make it with the recipe on the food blog. Too yummy and easy not to!

So tired, and it’s time to put Nigella to bed. After midnight now, and the ‘being wired,’ has turned into ‘extremely tired.’ 

On a last note, but not the least, I’m really happy that we did the commercial, as I met so many really wonderful people, some of whom may well become more than just facebook friends. ;D

Ciao for now, and back soon.

Much peace and love, as always ❤


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