Kittens, Contemplation, and Clearing, Whilst Out on my Morning Walk.

It wasn’t the size of my little Žinčica, who adopted me a few years ago, who was only just bigger than my palm when our paths crossed-  nonetheless, it was a young cat, needing a cuddle and a scratch. 🙂

We spotted each other, this little white kitty with grey spots, I called to it as I kneeled down and it came over.  (I always try, especially with kittens, but they usually don’t come over like this little guy did). I petted it, scratched behind its ears, and gave it a cuddle, and got up to carry on walking, only to have the lil thing following along by my side like a puppy. I smiled to myself, giving thanks, feeling so blessed. 

From around a corner came a guy, walking his dog. I picked up the kitten, but it was too freaked out, jumped from my arms & took off, with the dog on its tail. And that was the end of that. 
Zincica soon after he found me.
Back to Žinčica..of course I don’t think of him as my cat anymore, that was a lifetime ago. Our paths crossed so he could move on, he was not to remain in Bratislava, nor was he meant to be with me, but through me, he found his true owner, and home. 
You know that old saying, “sometimes people come into our lives for a season, a reason or a lifetime…?” Well,
Žinko and I were reasonal buddies- bless him.

I was up much earlier than I thought it was this morning, having gone to bed so late last night, writing. I thought I should probably sleep more, especially having only slept a few hours the night before, so after going to the bathroom at around 6:30ish, I went back to bed, and laid awake a for a long while, between meditation, and clearing. I had much on my mind, that I wanted to release, so getting both my feet on Mother Nature, despite the ominous looking sky, was of the essence.

It was soon after heading out that I met the kitty, and was reminded of Žinko, and like the clouds, thoughts of him floated by, going further and further away, to nothing, once again.
I pondered the weather, how dreary it looked, but how calm it was compared to last night. I was experiencing some weird – but not painful by any means-  sensations in my head, not for the first time. In fact, felt it yesterday, and later this evening too. Though the sensation was in or even around my head, like a series of poppings, I felt like I was walking on clouds all the same. 
Whilst on the topic, last week, during my water meditation (whereby I energize water, with the power of Father Sun & Mother Earth, working in yoga (union), asking for the water to cleanse my being, and release old stuff that no longer serves me), I experienced something so neat…. 
The water was directly in front of me, with each hand just hovering around the jar, facing one another. My eyes were closed, as per usual, but I had the feeling I was being pulled to my right, and that the water too, was not centered in front of me, but to my right side….from there, still with my eyes closed, I felt I was turning counter clockwise, but that there was a field of energy going clockwise around me….Also, as I write this, I’m reminded that at times, when I close my eyes (not specifically during meditation, and often outdoors, under the warm sun), I sense an almost indescribable pull….. Like someone’s held onto my head and pulled away upwards, but with something still attached to my head. No pain in it at all….
Anyone else experiencing anything of the sort…? 
—Yikes, I digress, back to this morning. 
I don’t always take my phone with me, though I felt I had to today. 
Gateway to the heavens.
(Purposely, I didn’t use any filters to brighten the following shots). 
I caught these flowers, with a stem curling over, in its own heaviness, like a gateway to the heavens. 
See, it could’ve been so ugly out there, had I decided that & not gone outside, but there I was capturing these flowers and more, wishing passersby a good morning, walking really slow, and just taking it all in.
I heard the chirping of baby birds, whose mother had them tucked away quite well, because though I could hear them very close to where I was, I couldn’t see them. And soon after I heard the baby birds, I saw lil Bambi, who I must have startled, and made a run for it, as I was taking a picture of poppies (one of many today) .
Poppies everywhere.
There are so many sooooo many of them growing on the outskirts of the vineyards (you’ll see them often on my Instagram feed, as I can’t get enough of them- promise!!). The walk never gets boring as there’s always something new going on- more poppies, different flowers, major overnight growth with the previous nights’ rainfall…It’s all so very beautiful, and shows me how simple life really is, if we can allow it to be. In observing nature every morning, I’ve learned much…That post shall too have its time. 
Thanks to the beautiful poppies, I’m surely inspired to design, and design red stuff, raw silks & satin. Flowing skirts, with chiffon blouses. The time to design is near, as with my period, I’ll do another cleanse and take a break from cooking. 
A productive day indeed, with much writing, then baking cookies for a dinner I was invited to. Best cookies ever, not to mention, my own recipe: I won’t even share a picture here, as that would just be mean. Do keep checking over on the food blog though- they’ll be there soon enough. 🙂
Wrapping it up for today. I had to do this post tonight, as I’ve been bothered by my posting days later, and sometimes, writing something worth sharing, but then not sharing because it seemed out of context, even two days later. 
So, on that note, a good night to you. 
Remember, if in stress, tap
If that doesn’t resonate, repeat “I love you (insert your name)” to yourself, over and over again. 
Peace & love, 

Update from this morning- Friday 23 May

I headed out this morning and decided to take the road to the vineyards instead of the short(er) cut, to avoid walking in mud, created in last night’s rain. 

And guess who I bumped into? 🙂 I nearly cried, when I saw this little thing, who I’ve now named ‘Brilliance.’ I have to add to the original story, because the experience was so lovely. 

So I walked along, and saw lil Brilliance on the other side of the fence (in the picture). So pleased to see the kitten, I kneeled down again, and there it came, right up for a scratch. 

To my surprise, another kitten came out, and then a third :))) An abundance of kittens! Good things come in three’s don’t they? 🙂 Really made my heart smile. 

The other kittens didn’t come too close, but anxious Brilliance was looking all around for a way to get to my side – I kid you not. The door was slightly ajar, but it wouldn’t fit through.  Then, it disappeared, only to come traipsing along the path. Brilliance had gone behind and around a house, to get to my side. Lots of cuddles, scratching and both of us purring. 😉



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