My Very First Published Book- Piyar & Soleil [meaning Love & Light in Punjabi & French respectively] :In Vintascia’s Realm

My first published book – on Amazon 🙂 

“If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.” Dalai Lama

I came across this quote a couple years back and every now and again, someone reposts it, which always makes me smile. Only speaking for myself, I know that my character has changed a lot over the years from going within, doing meditation.

Whilst out on my usual walk a couple of mornings ago, with this quote in mind, I nearly stumbled over my own feet.

“Piyar & Soleil,” my very first published book – a fairy tale – has a beautiful meditation in it, called “Tubes of Light,” which I paraphrased from the teachings of Marie Diamond, (one of the stars from the film, “The Secret“), whom the meditation was created by.

What most people don’t know is that the tale was a therapeutic response to events in my life, though what started out as my regular journaling, very much took on a life of it’s own.

I was waking up in the middle of the night to write, after which, I’d fall asleep again, only to wake up in the morning and be blown away with the writing. The story, be it true, came through me.

I had no idea or intention to publish the tale, and it was only towards the end that I even named the characters. Once I did decide to publish it, and after getting permission from Marie, to keep the “Tubes of Light,” I was having images of parents and children acting out the meditation. It weaved it’s way into the tale, because I was doing the meditation on a regular basis, morning and night, and it was so helpful- thank You Marie.

[That gracious ‘go ahead,’ came on 9/11/2013, and it took me almost a year and a half to publish. To be honest with you, it was so far on the back burner for me, (as I’d given up on an illustrator, and doing the voice recording again- both things I wanted to publish the book with), that when Yurai​, found out I was sitting on a book that I held so dearly to my heart, and NOT putting it in the world, he practically picked me up and set me in front of the computer to do it. Infinite thanks, Sweetheart]. 

All this, and never did I think to promote the book, as such, (as something that very much lined up with the quote by Dalai Lama). In fact, I had such a fear of doing so, until recently. I must give thanks to both Tatiana​, & Darina​, who though their own courage, have reminded me of mine. Thank You both- more than you know.

So, surely, this is absolutely a promotional message about my book, “Piyar & Soleil: In Vintascia’s Realm, which is right here, on Amazon. 

The tale transcends any language because it will sing to you with it’s almost 200 rhyming verses. My words, spoken aloud with your voice, will sing, verse after verse to you(r child).
It’s a story of intuition, synchronicity, duality, betrayal, deceit, and everything in between, but mostly, in traditional with fairy tales- it is about love. It starts with “Once upon a time,” and has a happy ending, though in reality, there are two happy endings.  

Please do buy the book, and also, I would love for you to comment on the Amazon page afterwards, so the book gets more notice, so more people buy it so more children do meditation, along with their parents, without even knowing it’s this thing called “meditation.”  This thing, that when we get still enough, the answers we seek start to come from within.

I’m laughing and crying at the beauty and simplicity of life.

I thank you from the depths of my heart for reading, for purchasing the book, for looking into your own self a little deeper.

Much love, & may you be blessed ❤ 


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