Up & Coming Director- Paul/Pali Chodur, his short films, and my first acting gig ;)

Despite the fact that I’ve never acted before, when up and coming director, and dear dear friend, Pavol/Paul Chodur, asked me to be in a short film, about intuition, I had zero inhibitions. Whilst it was only a minor cameo I played towards the end, it was a pleasure & honour to be part of, nonetheless.

Paul/Pavol Chodur
The film is called, “About My Intuition,” and it wasn’t Paul’s first film. Thus far, he’s tended to write scripts when, which translated into a motion picture, leave something in your heart and mind. 
I see a bright spark in Paul, which sets him apart from others. Incredibly humble, wears his heart on his sleeve,  who may not even be privy to his own greatness- though more than great, he is. 
Upon watching his first film, “When Hope was Walking with Death,” I was so taken aback. I knew he was “studying,” film here Bratislava, but I thought to myself, “why, what for?” 
For me, he’s a natural talent, (sure- like Tarantino – who, when once asked what film school he went to, his response was “I went to films.”), though very much with his own signature. 
Paul wrote and directed both films, with his ‘partner in crime,’ Richard Kay Kardhordo, also a very dear friend, who heads up Cine-Jessy Casting Studio, amongst photography, and other things. Normally, Paul is his right hand man when out on set, though for both these films, both were producing. 
And look, I have to be honest with you. When my own Fairytale, “Piyar & Soleil,” was translated into Slovak, by musician, & genius lyricist, dear Peter Kollar, I didn’t have to think twice as to who would write the script for a Slovak version of the film. (And to both gentlemen, I’m forever grateful for their graciousness, in working for free, and believing in my art as much as their own, knowing that one day, we will reap what we’ve sown). 
Please check out the links given, to watch Paul’s (short films), both of which have english subtitles, and do pass along your own encouraging words to a budding young director. 
Paul- may you touch more hearts with every film you do, as certainly you touched mine. 
Continued blessings and please, more films 🙂 

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