The Self Love Revolution continues

We were back at home with Yurai’s
parents, for another foodie weekend, which was left us not only full with good food, but a whole lot more- more lessons in self-love. 

What was originally intended as a weekend of relaxing, taking in some sun, picked my strawberries and other goodies from the garden etc, quickly turned into “what can I cook,” momentarily after the idea was proposed. 


“I’m going super simple this time, and we’re having pizza, & salad.” 

Whilst I prepared the pizza dough, Yurai helped me out with the sauce.  Needless to say, it was all such a hit that Yurai’s mom requested it again for Sunday lunch. She headed out early to buy ingredients and then helped me with prepping  – bless her-. 🌞 🙏🏻 

Normally I’m a ‘lone ranger,’ in the kitchen, so this was an interesting experience for me, her helping me out. Often I went inward when I saw her stress at the way I do things, but only after first stepping outside of myself and observing us. 

There had come a point when I started dropping and spilling things, in reaction to Yurai’s mothers body language, her words, her energy (none of which was at all intended to harm), and realized I needed to slow back to my own pace- my way. 
-We each, you and I, have our way-.

When in my element, I don’t think, I just am. When I understood what was going on -the pair of us each politely reacting to one another –  I blessed us both silently, after repeating “I love you Munjeet Sehra,” numerous times, in my mind. 

That allowed me to carry on creating, with utmost love for myself, for Yurai’s mom, and for the food. Nothing was said and the air became way lighter again. 

Things changed drastically during the day, and what was supposed to be a meal there, (at Yurai’s parents), ended up being transferred across the city to his sister’s place, where I was in the middle of everyone and everything, doing what I normally do solo, with everyone wanting to help, or asking questions, or telling me what I should do, or should have done. 

The guys had been out working, (moving furniture ), & when they returned, I was already hitting my threshold….With my husband, now beside me, helping and asking questions too, I quietly (though aloud, and in English), professed that I wasn’t enjoying myself anymore, that I was overwhelmed…Regardless of what anyone else was doing, or what needed to be done, Yurai stopped what he was up, turned around, put his arms around me and just held me – exactly what I didn’t know I needed right then and right there – I blessed him and felt so blessed all the same, and melted back into myself. 🙏🏻❤️ 

Just before I told him I wasn’t ok, I’d given myself permission not to be loving, not to be nice/pleasant/caring,  to feel exactly what was going on inside of me rather than denying it- something I’m learning and practicing of late. 

Yurai’s embrace was like the icing on the cake, back to peace, back in the state of love, and even I wanted to be unloving and not nice, I couldn’t find it anywhere in me to be such. 

This was so different for me. A decade ago, I’d have blown up, and been upset for weeks.  

A couple of years ago, I’d have denied my feelings, blamed someone else, and suffered for a day or so, without any energy, and not knowing why. 

It’s only even very recently that I’m learning to accept my feelings as my own, truly. No one can make me feel one way or another. It is all how I respond to situations. 

Having gone through months of intense EFT/tapping, with Yurai, I can speak for both my husband and I, that we are way more aware of our emotions and we barely even do any tapping now. 

I didn’t know that that could even be the result of EFT, thinking that I’d just do it forever, but now I can say, one doesn’t need to, when you learn the art of going inwards. 
When you learn the art of being quiet. When you learn the art of being still. 
All is in the name of self-love. 

I no longer see others as a mirror of myself…When an emotion is invoked in me by someone or something, that doesn’t resonate, I’m shown what I can practice upon. (As opposed to someone/thing being angry and nasty towards me, I’m being shown that those feelings exist within me and I need to realize them..
No. Not anymore.).  

Others just show us what we need to practice.

So….the point of all this…? As always, take onus for ourselves, with so much love. 
What happens after that is only magical. When you go back to the state of love, nothing can touch you, and you continue being a beacon of love, spreading to those who are in need. A person who’s actions or behavior doesn’t  resonate with us, needs more love, not less. 

More love, not less, starting with you, my dear.🙏🏻🌞❤️ 

PS: the pizza was different today from yesterday. Though it had the same physical ingredients, it certainly lacked the love I’d put into the original. 


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