Yurai & I- A Month Later (after nearly divorcing).

There’s so much to be said, as much has happened, shifted, transpired…

Sunday, 21 June- the Summer Solstice, 2015

I awoke this morning, completely refreshed after almost 12 hours of sleep. I’d been feeling neither bad, nor even good, just a little off, yesterday. 

Much of my day was spent in the kitchen, playing with food, finishing up with the cherry cooking and making pizza from scratch.

By mid afternoon, I was increasingly tired, indecisive, spilling and dropping things. 

Yurai, my husband, stopped me in my tracks, and told me he would run a hot bath for me. He finished off making the cherry ice cream we’d started, (I was of little help), skipped out and headed straight for the bath. 

“How wonderful, and how truly lucky am I, that Yurai is here & now,” I thought to myself.

Once out, I felt I needed to a little catnap, and asked him to wake me up in half an hour if I didn’t come out of the bedroom (was around 7pmish). As soon as the words came out of my mouth, I looked at him, and said what both my heart, and his eyes were saying: 
Just sleep, and allow the body to decide how much sleep she needs. I jokingly said, “who knows, maybe I’ll sleep straight through for 12 hours.” Which is exactly what happened…

So that’s how today started & as for the title of this post, it seems I’ve just foreshadowed much of what’s happened post ‘Candyfloss.’ 

A month after our near divorce, and here I am, like a giddy five year old kid, with a blank canvas. 

In fact, I am in a blank canvas, here at Yurai’s place, a beautiful and very minimalist style apartment, with a gold foyer, Thai style shower room, navy bedroom with remnants of a large mandala on the wall, (with only a mattress, light & chair), an adorable, bright kitchen with a balcony, and the final room – where we do EFT/Self-Love sessions with/for clients, is far from empty, with its two chairs. There are beautiful jellyfish floating up along the walls. (Painted by artist, Juraj Holman). 
Yurai’s apARTment 🙂 

We’d discussed doing a home swap before, and today we finally did it. It’s wonderful, new,  fresh….Not only a change of environment, but adding a new dimension to our relationship. 

I miss him already. 🙂 We weren’t fighting and there was no tension between us. In fact I could’ve stayed home and cuddled up for a movie and some homemade ice cream, but I left. 

Yes, again.. I miss him, I love him, and I love to miss him. There’s something very cathartic about that. 

In reading the above, even for me to write it, it’s hard to imagine we almost parted ways, like it was just a dream.  So how did we pull through? 

We gave each other tons of space and time. When we really believed our soul contract was up, Yurai moved his stuff out, and never replaced it. He has but a few things at mine, and still we don’t spend as much time together as we used to, and it’s perfect that way, for us both. And speaking for myself, it’s very welcome to have butterflies in my belly, before we are to meet… 🙂 

Most importantly, with the space and time, we took take care of our own needs, pouring love into ourselves, then sending it to one another, without much physical communication. It was due to lack of love – for ourselves- that we arrived in that situation, which played out against each other. 

Coming through on he other side, the experience has left us very grateful. We talk about what happened every now and again, remembering events like scenes from a movie that flash through our minds, which we wish to share, separate from the ‘us,’ that we are today. A new version of ourselves, no compromising, & no expectations, (as compromise, though a nice idea, leads to expectations). 

Last week, in our own places, we were sending Facebook voice messages back and forth in total delirium, with uncontrollable laughter, like a couple of kids, (or a couple of drunkards ;D). 

Yesterday, we were having an indirect conversation about duality, and I’d  said that our relationship really lies on a thin line, much like confidence & arrogance, like egoism & self-love, like darkness & light, – and not at all in a “bad” way. I couldn’t quite articulate what I was thinking, but it came to me today, loud and clear. 

Again we spoke of duality today, this time calling it so, and it was Yurai who was saying the idea of duality is misleading, or false…That things just are the way they are…We just are…There isn’t a right or wrong, everything is always perfect, as it is. 

It was when he was saying this, that I felt myself smiling,  & totally resonating with him.

In the State of Love- photo by Oles Cheresko

When he finished his thoughts, I understood what I’d been trying to articulate the day before about our relationship being on a fine line….

“There’s no duality, and this fine line that we’re on is called, BALANCE.” 
“Exactly,” said my dear husband.

How entirely lucky and blessed are we, I thought….how beautiful to be in harmony, another circle complete. 

On the subject of two homes, some people call us “that crazy couple,” though we prefer “That EFT Couple,” or even  “Witch and Wizard,” but one thing is for sure,  we are non-conventional.

We question and challenge existing societal norms and traditions, and live our lives according to the beat of our rhythm, and luckily, or rather, synchronistically, we are two of a kind

Our union is a sacred one, whereby we got married in the state of love, with God as our witness, in the temple of our minds. 

We don’t wear tradtional rings, rather, there’s an invisible ring of energy around us each, which connects at our hearts, forming infinity, which connects us directly to source. 

Though that energy fizzled out for a time, it never went away. We were always connected, and today is the most important day- in fact, right here, and right now. 

Thanks for tuning in. ❤️🌞🙏🏼


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