A Decade Since Freedom

So after 24 hours in complete solitude, I went head first into four Indian Feasts over the course of six days. 

There are so many pictures to put up, and I start with this: an appetizer of homemade masala bread, with apricot chutney, also made by yours truly, paired with a spoon of bryndza/sheep cheese- the perfect combination of Indian & Slovak tastes. 
Moving forward, I’ve shifted from cooking to writing. 

Last night, whilst falling into a dream state, I was reminded of something which gives way for me to celebrate – not that life itself is not a celebration- though this piece of writing is that of breaking free, the beginning of discovery and love of myself. 

It dawned on me that May 2015 marked a decade of my freedom.  My wings had just started to thaw out having left my ex-husband after eight years together, in late 2004. For the first time in my life, I was solo, and with that came the impulse to pack my bags and leave everything behind me, to head back to the country where I was born- England. 

That’s what happened in May 2005. 

On an aside, in telling my husband this ‘revelation,’ just now, he too, had one of his own. Wouldn’t you believe that Yurai also left, not just his ex-wife, but her country too, and made his way back home, from Japan to Slovakia…? 

Oh, the synchronicity that sings to us. It’s not enough that both Yurai and I were married to our respective ex’s in three separate ceremonies, (this much we already knew), we met each other 10 years later, and for me, to the exact month, & possibly even to the day that I left my ex-husband.
Thanks Universe, for your cheeky way of sharing our secrets to us- always conspiring. 🌞
I didn’t know that I would marry again, (& almost did twice), but with Yurai, there was no question. 
Sometime in December, and yes, shortly after we met, we ‘tied the knot,’ literally. 
On the very same finger that we’d previously worn a wedding ring, we each tied layers of intertwined red thread on one another. 

There was nothing traditional about our sacred union, as we long recognized that there’s little that’s traditional about the pair of us, each in our own world, which we synchronize and share with the other. 
On that day in December 2014, in the state of love, with God as our witness, we United, in the temple of our minds. 

The toughest part of leaving Canada, was seeing my father become emotional at the airport, when it was time for me to go. 

Rarely did I see him cry, and there he was, my hero, tears spilling. My heart ached, but still, the decision was made, my own, & I had to go, heart heavy & all. I had to fly away from my Superhero – both my mother & father combined. 

We’d had such a rough time together until just a few years prior, when we’d allowed our past to settle, so even then, I knew that we were all so blessed to be in the state of love, and no longer in fear.

I was and am very lucky for the way my life has shaped out, in regards to my Superhero- 
especially after I ran away, 
especially after being disowned, 
especially for marrying someone I chose, instead of following tradition & having an arranged marriage, especially after they surrendered & accepted me, 
only for me to walk away. 

Should they have stuck to ‘the rules,’ I was supposed to be shunned from the family for divorcing my then husband, but they did the opposite. They loved, the best way they knew how. 
My God, I love and miss them dearly. 

Back to my 10 year anniversary out of Canada, I am much much lighter now. 

Just like when I moved back to England, with my life in a couple of suitcases, I could do the same now. 

Since divorcing, I’ve never had much more than I can move around in a car (someone else’s), and now I have even less, and could probably fit my life again, into a couple of suitcases.

I don’t own a home or a car, have just enough food in my fridge, practice the songs of my heART, and live simply, in the state of love, with a man who’s heart is a match of my own, my dear husband, Yurai – such a beautiful soul. who shifts and blossoms continuously. 

Life is simple, and where I used to think that being called a ‘simpleton,’ was offensive, I am that, I am. 

I am simple. 

Peace & Love to you too, always. 

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