Janka & Slniečko (Sunshine), The Homeless Man

-A Love Story-

A few days back, my dear friend Janka, and I had a conversation whilst perched on a set of swings, in a nearby playground, under the moonlight.

It was just the beginning of this heatwave, and I’d wanted to only drop off some cookies that I’d baked, then head off for a walk (solo, as I’d needed to clear my mind). Janka asked if she could join me, as she too was melting in her flat, so we both head off – and am I ever glad we did.

With the story I’m about to tell you, Janka filled my heart with so much love, precisely why I share it with you.

Earlier that day whilst heading to an appointment, Janka encountered a homeless man, and not your every day encounter at that.

This man, whom we’ll call ‘Slniečko,’ was trying to flag her down (from across the road), because he had a carton of eggs he wanted to give HER.

A passerby coming out of a grocery store, had given Slniecko the eggs, and he told Janka that he wanted her to have them, as he had nowhere to cook them, and would feel so bad to let them go to waste.

Janka was really touched, but honeslty didn’t have the need for more eggs, as she had plenty at home.

Wanting to do something, but ahving to get to her meeting, (that would take roughly two hours), she offered Slniecko to cook them for him, but that she would only be able to do so after her meeting.

I cannot remember the exact details as to why that didn’t happen, but it doesn’t matter. That she’d offered to even cook the eggs for him, brought Slniecko to tears. He started to cry, out of sincere gratitude, that this angel had come along, and wanted to do something so nice for him. This scene also brought Janka to tears, and she acted immediately.

Janka (who, amongst other things, teaches new moms, and moms to be, the art of connecting with their newborn via massage), went up to her clients place, and told her the situation.

In a matter of minutes, the girls had cooked the eggs, and brought them down to Slniecko. They also gave him money to pick up some fresh bread and vegetables, as the young mom ‘to be,’ didn’t have any at home.

More tears, more joy, so much love cycling between these four beings…All for nothing, in the grand scheme of things.

We don’t know why he’s ended up on the streets, but Slniecko, approximately 40-50years old, has a beautiful heart and a strong will. He suffers from excruciating leg pain, and has lost some of his toes due to frostbite. Regular ‘over the counter,’ drugs do not help him, though he’s ‘lucky,’ to be in touch with those who can get him what he does need for the pain.

At one point he’d seen a doctor about his pain, and the doctor told him that his left leg would have to be amputated below the knee.

His words were something along the lines of, “Who are YOU to cut off my leg?! I live on the streets, I need all of me!”

These are the parts of the story that I remember from Janka, the parts that my heart remembers…

After she told me, I was pretty speechless, before the questions came along..His name? How old? How long has he been on the streets? Why…?

And then I asked her how HE helped her, and Janka paused and contemplated for a few moments.

She told me that He helped to remind her of the abundance that she has…
More than enough food, a roof over her head, the gift of health, lots of love…
He reminded her of how blessed she is.

I thought to myself that maybe Slniecko is the angel, put in our paths, to remind us of exactly what Janka said- the abundance we already have.

Perhaps to be on the streets, HE is rich, not needing so much. It is not that he doesn’t value is life…perhaps his dharma, his life’s purpose, is to wake us up. An angel disguised as a homeless man, who’s heart smiles when he encounters someone like Janka, knowing tht the world is acutally healing….

If you (anyone), have a Love Story of your own, and wish to share it here, (and even for me to write it out for you), I’d be honored.

May you be blessed. ❤

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