The New Wave – Our Children

This is how the new wave is entering…In fact this is how we all entered. Whole, talented, full of love. 

turkish-drummer-boyWhat a travesty it would be, should this boy ever stop drumming, because he has go to school, to have his precious and perfect mind, stuffed with things he doesn’t need. 

Sound/feel familiar…?

The thing that our children do the best, encourage that with love, not for fame, or money, but because he/she is in the state of love, like this beautiful boy. 

Look at him…He drums without effort. He drums like we breathe, like our hearts beat, without thinking about what he’s doing. That’s the art of life. It was never supposed to be difficult. 

We’re born with everything in tact, and we lose it from an early age, being told we should do this or that. 

Then we struggle, spending years, and for some, a lifetime, to find our purpose again- the very ‘raison d’être,’ that we’re born with, not knowing any different in those first years of our life. 

We struggle because we’re put into blocks of how we should be and act, and we lose the most important thing that’s rarely discussed, like the big white elephant in the room. 


If it’s ok that for most of our lives we’ve been mean to ourselves, with simple things like calling yourself an idiot when breaking a glass, or berating yourself when something doesn’t go ‘your way,’ etc etc, then it’s more than ok to say, 

“I love you” 
to yourself.

Try it now, in your mind, or aloud. 

The worlds problems would soon dissipate if we each started to whole heartedly love ourselves, because in doing so, like a ripple effect that love from our hearts, radiates outwards to everyone and everything. 
You see what I mean, we heal the world and everyone in it, when we love ourselves—that’s why self-love has nothing to do with being selfish. 

Do you dream of a life without stress?     Love yourself

Do you dream of losing weight?     Love yourself
Do you dream of the love of your life?     Love yourself
Do you dream of more money?     Love yourself
Do you dream of the perfect job?     Love yourself


“I love you.”
Allow each word and the breaths between, to settle in to you. Slow down, slow down more than you ever have. 
You don’t need to go to the woods, or halfway across the world, to an ashram, or even as far as your local yoga class.
Yoga is here and now, a union of the body and mind, and it doesn’t matter where we are, or what position we are in. 
Go “no where,” and arrive to “now here.” See that? No magic there. 
Too easy? 
Sure, I too spent years and years looking outside of myself for peace. I thought the road to happiness was in daily exercise, and the release of endorphins, to excite and stimulate my being. 
Then I thought it was in whole and real food. 
Then all of that got really really screwed up. 
People left my life. I was alone, with nowhere to go, with no one to turn to, but myself. 
Trust me, I spent nearly half of my life searching outside, went to numerous ‘professionals,’ of the mind, healers, etc etc etc, and what I ended up with is myself, and I am ever so grateful for everyone who crossed my path and helped me- very grateful. 
So, what I’m hear to say, is that you’ll eventually come back to this simple message, after exhausting your finances and resources, looking to everyone to ‘fix,’ you. You’ll go to another palm reader, clairvoyant, phsychologist, personal trainer, nutritionist. Some will help, surely, but you’ll end up searching again. I see it time and time again. 
OR, I give you permission to go inside and stop searching. 
Again, my darling, if for so many years of your life, you’ve been inundated with messages that bash your spirit, (whether from yourself or those around you, who, to no fault of their own, have guided you away from you, whilst doing their best),  then it’s time to stop. Stop and be nice to you. 
“I love you,” doesn’t work? 
Slow down a whole lot more. There’s a crying child inside you, begging for your attention. A child who’s been hurting a long long time, living through your messages of,
I hate my job, 
I hate my life,
I hate my partner,
I hate my body
I hate this food I have to eat
I hate my this or that. This isn’t right. That sucks. He sucks. Life sucks.
I hate hate hate……
If this is the kind of thing you’ve been telling yourself (and please be honest with not me, but YOU), then when you finally start to say, 
“I love you,”
to yourself, and nothing happens as fast as the microwave can warm up last night’s dinner, I beg you be patient and gentle with yourself. 
Please, don’t blow yourself off. 
..Decades of “I hate, don’t like etc etc, compared to a few seconds of “I love you.” 
See what I mean? Keep going. You owe it to yourself to love yourself. Don’t you…? 

We’re supposed to get everything we desire in life, everything. The key is to unlock our heart, and it locks up again, go back and unlock it over and over again.  

Allow me to reiterate – Like our breath, and the beating of our hearts, life isn’t supposed to be difficult and we don’t have to “try to make it work out.” We don’t have to try to breath, we just do- thank God/The Universe, The Powers that be. Thank Yourself…

This young talented boy loves himself and doesn’t even know it. He’s so connected and doesn’t have to search for the meaning of life, he is life. He is beautiful. He is perfect, as are we all. 

May we help the next wave of children, our angels, stay connected to that very thing that makes them shine, and not for a second surpress or take advantage of their greatness for our own gains. You be great for YOU, not living vicariously through your child. Don’t stamp out the art that he/she has come to this life with, by forcing practicing, by forcing anything. Just let them be. 

How do we do that? You already know the answer, ‘love yourself,’ and teach them the way of love, self-love, by just being.

May you be blessed. ❤


2 thoughts on “The New Wave – Our Children

  1. This is so beautifully written. ‘Go “no where”, and arrive to “now here”.’ makes perfect sense. Ending up with myself at the end of seeking help from various external sources is the part I deeply connect to. ‘I love you’ has never sounded more powerful. ❤ Love and Light

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