Ten Steps to Getting Out of a Funk

How to get ok when you’re feeling like crap? 

Feeling good from the inside out.

1- Admit to yourself that you’re feeling like crap. This is more than half the battle. So many of us pretend to be ok when we’re not. It’s ok to feel like crap and order to release those feelings, we’ve first got to admit we have them.

2- Tune everyone out, and rather than being polite to any and everyone despite feeling like crap, (further driving you away from feeling better), be polite to yourself.

3 – If possible, get into a space where you won’t be disturbed and can just refocus yourself.

4- Switch off phone, tv- all devices
This is “Me time.”

5- If you cannot switch off, place your devices away from you so that you are not bothered by them. And if you do happen to reach for your device- please please refrain from social media trolling.

6- On a paper, (yes please, the old fashioned way!), write down what you’re feeling, being as honest as possible. Feel free to exaggerate your feelings.
•I H.A.T.E. my boss!
•I’m so angry, I could punch so and so in the head.
•I feel so frustrated.
•I feel so depressed, and I don’t even know what the point is anymore.

6- Rewrite everything you wrote for number 5, with “I allow myself to feel ____.”
•I allow myself to hate my boss
•I allow myself to be so angry and punch so and so in the head (you’re not ever actually going to do it, this is all just in your mind. We normally have these thoughts and feelings but shove them away -deeper- inside of us. I’m only asking you to admit them to yourself).

7- Repeat the process again, if the negative feelings still persist.
Get even “louder” and more articulate with the way that you feel. (Again, a reminder that what you write is no one’s business, but your own).

8- Ask Yourself, “how can I feel better now?” Sit with that question, allowing some time to pass by. Allow your mind to reach for instances, things that have put you into such a state of elation before. Biting into your most favorite food
Making love with your partner.
Stepping into the beach for the first time in your last holiday.
Recall any and everything that made you feel so good that you were in such a state of bliss.

9- Look around you and appreciate everything.
A few examples:
The bed on which you sit.
The shelter that you have, that the temperature is just right.
The glass of water next to you.
What you’re wearing.
Your body and emotions for telling something’s out of whack.
Your self-awareness and ability to tune into yourself- appreciate You.
The beating of your heart, the flow of your breath.
The more you can appreciate, the sooner you’ll be out of your funk.

10- To seal the deal, and stay in your now positive mind set, get creative.
With that pen and paper, carry on writing.
See if you can script the rest of your day. Imagine it’s evening, you got yourself out of your funk, what did you do from that time until you went to bed…?
Or you can color. (I highly suggest you pick up a coloring book (doesn’t have to be one full of mandalas, called “Meditation.”). The act of using color and focusing intently will be soothing in and of itself.
Head to the kitchen and cook-
In other words- do what you love now, or take a step forward (that you couldn’t earlier), and carry on the with the newfound feeling of goodness.

You are supposed to feel good my love, you are deserving of all the goodness that awaits you.

Tuning into your emotions every single time you feel “off,” will get you back on track and to a better place every time.

All the best and lots of love to you,
XxManj 😘


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