Soul Food: Avocado, Nooch and Cukes

Easy peasy, so very delicious, and when eaten with love, spells joy to your heart and soul, not to mention, your precious body.

I love avocado and the morning I was making this up, along came garlic, coriander made its way in, with the final touches being a pinch of Himalayan salt, and two pinches of roasted ground cumin.

That was one piece done. Then came the idea again for my most favorite English delight: a cucumber sandwich, but without the cheese. Not bad, I tell you, not bad at all.

In any case, if you fancy trying either of these, here’s the rough sketch of the recipes (key words being rough sketch!). I do profess that food is a pure art for me, like painting, I add layers, textures, dimensions according to my taste- literally ;). If this loose sort of recipe is doable for you, come along. The best way to learn is to taste your way through it- trust me, there’s a food artist in you already. 😉

The Avocado Slice

1 ripe avocado, chopped fine or mashed

1 clove garlic

A whole bunch of coriander

(I chopped mine all up at the same time, and yes sure- blitz it if you fancy 😉)

Add a pinch of salt

2 pinches of toasted ground cumin

(Best is to buy cumin seeds, toast them on a hot pan (until they smell up your whole kitchen), then grind them).

Give it all a good whirl and add to your favorite bread, wrap, or whatever takes your fancy.

The Cucumber Slice:

1 tsp grapeseed oil (or olive)

1 tsp warm water

scant pinch of salt

generous pinch of nutritional yeast (aka “nooch”)

A pinch of each- dried rosemary and thyme.
In a small bowl, I combined grapeseed oil a scant pinch of salt and nutritional yeast. To “melt” the nooch, I added warm water, which did the trick in giving it a creamy texture, and finished it off with thyme and rosemary. C’est tout! That’s all there was and it was divine.

It spread onto the bread like melted butter and though it wasn’t quite the cucumber sandwich I was tasting in my mind, I did love it.

On a sidenote, I had added tahini in my first attempt a few days back, but found it too….something. Didn’t really jive for me. Moving onto those soaked cashews again. Been along time since I played with them!

And you? What food are you playing with? What tickles your fancy?

As always, have fun with it. Create from your heart, and always- but always- add a whole lotta love 😘




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