Woe-is-Me….Nothing Ever Goes Right

Back in late summer (2016), after a hiatus from social media, with great compulsion, I returned, and of all things, (with fear shoved in my back pocket 😉 ), went live on facebook.

So much had gone on,  and I just had the urge to start speaking. Things/subjects were flying at me in such a way that I chose to speak it out rather than write. (Though I ended up writing follow ups to the videos).

This is the first of 16 “Tuesday’s With Manj” videos, called “Victimhood/Self Pity.” Much has changed since I started doing the videos, I mean I changed a heck of a lot. I think another season of TWM is calling, but for now, I’ll be sharing the first season here, every Tuesday. 😉
(Should you not have facebook, you may view the video here on Youtube). 😉

Tuesday’s With Manj #1: Victimhood/Self Pity from Facebook Live  


I would ask you to try something I’ve put into practice over a long time, and much more so over the past months releasing all kinds of crap, and getting more in tune with me.

 Whatever you are feeling, feel it with great intensity. Be the champion of feeling like shit. Be the champion of feeling like a loser, that no one could ever love you, that you can’t seem to find “the one.” Be the champion of anger, of frustration, of blame…Feeling like a victim, by all means, be the greatest “victim” in the entire galaxy. Feeling sorry for yourself? So go on, and feel sorry even more, for all that you don’t have, or all that never ever works out- I beg you to feel what is going on, rather than resisting it. 

And I ask you to keep it all to yourself. What you feel is no one else’s business, just like if someone is reaming at you, it’s not your business. I’ll get further into this train of thought in the next video, but for now, whatever you feel, bring it to the table of your thoughts and sit with it. Get still with it. Listen with your entire heart, to what Anger, Guilt, Shame, Self-pity, Self-loathing etc., are saying to you.

Everything is here to help us. The “shit” that comes from within, is also you, much like the physical elements of yourself, like your arms, or legs.  If you can honor and respect it (the shit), as much as you do someone you love deeply, and give it thanks, it will leave the table of your thoughts, bored as heck. That, my darlings, is emotional freedom.

I think we’ve got this whole self-help thing backwards….Forget about pretending to be/acting positive, when what you feel like is the opposite. Get honest with yourself and feel what it is you feel.

The Law of Attraction works, always. If you are trying to convince yourself of something which your heart is not yet aligned with, it’s not even that you don’t attract the thing you desire, you keep attracting dishonesty. Slow down, take baby steps.

Feeling like crap and being honest about it to yourself is life changing, one honest confession at a time. And guess what? Even if you feel the worst you’ve ever felt in your life, by consciously giving yourself permission to feel that way, rather than just feel that way (without permission), then you raise your vibration because of the allowance and honesty- that, my dear, is self-love.

Whilst we’re on the topic of the Law of Attraction, once you start getting honest with yourself, that’s what you start to attract and manifest into your life. Better job, better relationships, better meals, better intuition, better everything…Everyday, in every way, you will get better, better and better, and the things/people which/who no longer resonate will start to dissipate. You choose- this is your precious life.

And may I gently remind you, you are all perfect, and we are all blessed.
Be kind to You and each other.

Lots of Love to You, dear One. ❤


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