5 Foods never to eat…Bananas?!?!

Almost three years after writing this post and the mindfulness/love fest/alignment continues.
White bread & milk chocolate are no longer my crack, I eat every single thing that I love, minus what used to breathe- I love animals as they are, still breathing, still full of life.
And a banana’ll do once in a while 😉

#alignment #freedom

This Little Cookie

As per the picture-I did exactly that.
I stopped eating bananas, and at one point, all fruit. Tomatoes too as well as carrots, & root vegetables, because they contained “too much sugar,” albeit natural…Oh, but all those items are high on the almighty glycemic index.

Ludacrous? Yes, I agree.

I had a six pack and I was lean(er) than now, though, truth be told, I wasn’t satisfied. Not satisfied with my life, that is.

There was a wonderful man by my side, my body was in great shape, but something in my mind still sucked, dreaded, loathed, denied….

I’d see images like the one pictured above, and go with it. Knowing, or rather, believing, that eating a banana would spike my insulin, causing me to gain fat blah blah blah. I talked about hormones and the importance of food in my TEDx speech, which, if I was given another…

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