Body Talk

For a recording of the live facebook feed to this please click on the picture below. Otherwise, click here for Youtube. 


The main purpose of the talk was to show how by connecting with our body, we are more likely to  lose weight (the obvious) and keep it off, but also that we can change our lives by creating unity in body and mind, really literally being in “yoga.” 

Aside from the physical postures that we associate with “yoga,” the actual definition is “union between body & mind.” 


This very quote has become my regular practice in dealing with everything/everyone where I find myself in discord.

If I am in discord, I have so chosen it, and can choose also to be in harmony, as per the above quote. 

The quote can be applied to anything from food, to our too fat, ugly, too thin, imperfect bodies,  to relationships, to work, to anything you can put your mind to. 
In specific relation to food – if you are at odds with what you eat, in discord- instead of resisting the very thing you wish so badly to eat because it is “bad for me, or unhealthy, or will make my hips grow” whatever it may be- let’s change the attitude toward that food. 

Instead of eventually giving in and binging on the resisted sinfully delicious item, look at it, love it like nobody’s business (whatever you choose to say in your mind), and tell yourself that “this is thee very best thing I can put into my body right now”.

 This idea, though unconventional as it seems, is very much in line with the past talks I’ve given: Let’s consciously allow whatever it is, whether an emotion, food, situation, a person/people, to play out as they are, for what they are, and not resist any of it. 

 You want to eat that crispy creme donut – or the whole ½ dozen – eat it/them with joy.

Someone’s projecting at you whatever business they’ve got going on in themselves, roll up your window instead of engaging (then walk away and consciously allow all your deepest darkest feelings toward that person arise- in the comfort of your mind!). 

 Your body is still the same old “ugly piece of fatness” after 4 months of working out so hard every single day? See it for exactly what it is- like a small child, trying to get your attention. “Stop avoiding me, I need you, (it says), and I”m going to carry on holding onto whatever you eat or drink, even if it’s “healthy,” until you stop and listen to me!”

You see how this is so incredibly tied to the previous videos where the focus was on the mind? One cannot be separate of the other.

In order to operate optimally, our body and mind are in “yoga.” 

Does it happen all the time? 
No- though with practice, it gets easier and easier. 

 Let’s go back to the crispy creme example. So you eat one – or six- you’ve altered your attitude towards the deep-fried, sugary gorgeous lump of dough, and this time instead of eating with guilt, fear, shame, anger, frustration, you just love your way through it, saying to yourself, “this is the very best thing I can put into my body.” 

Didn’t work? Still feel the guilt, fear, shame, anger and frustration? Well, let’s allow those things to come to the surface for once instead of pushing them down deeper and deeper. 
I can promise you this, if you’ve been like myself in any sense – me, who had food issues from the wee age of five, to anorexia and addiction/obsession to exercise at the onset of puberty, followed closely by bulimia, years of severe depression from my teenage years to physically self-destructive behaviors including suicidal tendencies throughout my 20’s, to hiding in the fitness/health industry for years to mask my addiction –  to NOW, talking my body through every single thing that happens to me, YOU can be more than OK too. 

 In saying “talking to my body,” I mean it quite literally. If it’s a minor cut, I apologize.
If there’s a pain in my left ankle, I apologize.
If it’s someone projecting their anger towards me, which includes my body, all that I am- I apologize to my body for having to go through that, and I ask for forgiveness, and I repeat, “I love you,” until I am ok. 

 You would be surprised how long any pain for “ill” feeling lasts, once you get into this practice of self-love. 

Back again to crispy creme- I’ve allowed you to eat them with joy, as often as you need- and you now do that. You are much happier, your body is much happier, and that little bit of weight you gained when you first started eating them happily has fallen off, and keeps doing so.

It’s not happening overnight- it’s taking months, but we’re not counting, because finally, you’re free of the guilt, shame, anger, frustration. 

And you know what happens next? You won’t even notice that you stop eating the crispy creme, that you swap it for something that’s “healthier.” Your body is changing, it’s shaping up. 
A year goes by, you’re not exercising any different from before, or maybe like myself, you don’t exercise anymore, you just walk and things that feel good intuitively. 

Your eating style has changed tremendously, though it was a natural progression.

You start to tune into your body.  

You find out on your own what is good for you, what inflames you, what gives you the runs, what makes you feel over the moon.

You learn how to cook, really creatively cook delicious food. 

 And you know what? You are for the first time, shining like the brilliance that you are. 

That is what happens when body and mind are in yoga. 

It matters not, what size you are, or that anyone even notices that you’ve lost weight. It matters what you think of you, and how you ultimately feel about you. 

My current general routine (which itself changes organically): 

I wake up, and give thanks for another day of life
I take a seat on the ground in the living room, looking outside- just staring into nothingness, gently rocking from side to side
Eventually I fall into meditation, whereby I root to Mother Earth, nourish my chakras and connect to the Universe, allowing it to work through me on my behalf, guiding me to live out my highest purpose for the day, for the betterment of all. 
I set my intentions for the day, to be loving, to be honest towards myself, everyone and everything. 

I bless all souls with love, with peace, with serenity, with courage, with acceptance, with happiness, with nourishment, with patience, with forgiveness- whatever comes to mind in those moments.  

When I come to, I gently tap my entire body from the tips of my feet to the top of my head, as a way of saying “Good Morning Dear Child, I’m here for you, I got You.”

 From there, I head into gentle stretches. Sometimes Sun Salutations, sometimes The Five Tibetans, sometimes the exercises related to the Ayurvedic Intestinal Cleanse: Shanka Prakshalana, and sometimes I do exactly what comes to mind, like during menstruation, when I tend to do more balancing poses, if anything at all. There are even times when I wake up and don’t want to do any of the above, so I consciously allow myself to skip all of it. Nothing “bad” happens there’s no “bad karma.” 

 I do 24/36 hour fasts (only water with a coffee or tea), without any food, 2x per week, which is no more than giving this precious body a break from all the work of digesting, releasing and everything in between. 

 I eat a (mainly) plant-based diet, because that’s what my body tells me it likes best.

Before I die to the day and fall into sleep, I give thanks to all that was.

 That’s me, that’s my way and I encourage you to find yours too. There’s no better satisfaction in life than tuning into your “Inner Being/Source/Universe/God.” 

 That is true freedom, and at 40 years old, This Little Cookie is excited about every single day I get to share these bits of joy with you.  

 Once again, your freedom may well come a very different way than described above, and now that you’ve made it to this point, throw away my words, and carry on the best path for you.

Lots of love to you each and again, I thank you for tuning in. 

God Bless You. ❤ ❤ 

PS: here’s a short follow up video I did with a few pointers for your own body talk.(Youtube). I welcome your questions and comments.




Soul Food Friday

If you wish to skip the story, here all the links you need to make the most phenomenal meal, to win over anyone’s heart and stomach.  😉

Falafel- By Sue over at The View From Great Island
Tahini Sauce- (also from Sue) 
 By Kristen over at Bourban and Honey
Hummus– my version 😉
Pita Bread- By Delia of  Delia Creates
Mega thanks to all these lovely creatures and fellow foodies. ❤
Back when I was a kid, we used to call it “junk food Friday’s,” which consisted of homemade french fries, heinz beans, fish fingers, frozen veggies and fried mushrooms.
Once in a blue moon we’d even head to McDonald’s, where we each got to choose one item (a burger) to be brought home and eaten with home cut fries.

All in all, my parents were pretty awesome about home made food, which I greatly appreciate now, and didn’t so much back then. Always the way, hey? I don’t even think I had a full “Happy Meal” til I ditched all the rules, took off, and began writing my own. Alas, no McDonald’s anymore for some years now, BUT I assure you, there are many happy meals being made.

In my stay at my parents place, I’ve fallen back into tradition with them for junk food Friday’s, though they really aren’t. Everyone eats pretty well around here, and indulges in the usual goodies of ice cream cakes and cookies etc, every now and again. The Friday has become Vietnamese/Thai from Pho Lee, (which does a mean Pad Thai), or seriously delicious Middle Eastern takeaway from London’s infamous Barakat, (with pizza every now and again).

This passing Friday, I announced that I would treat everyone for whatever they agreed upon, but got it in mind soon after that actually, what I really wanted was to replicate Barakat’s really really really yummy food.  And so I set out to do just that.

My vision, first and foremost “Toum.”
I must admit that the whole idea did begin with the greatest garlic sauce I’ve ever had. I picked up the recipe here, by the lovely Kristen, over at  “Bourban & Honey, and it turned out phenomenal.img_5968

(I did add aquafaba to it, (thought it’s not necessary) because I’ve been on such a kick of late and having made plant based mayo (which was a total hit), I knew it would work).

Though I’d had it before, I never knew it to be called “toum” rather just, “that awesome garlic sauce.”

Carrying on-early in the day, I prepared the dough for pita bread. Since coming across it, I always go back to **Deliaimg_5972‘s “Best Ever Bread,” recipe. It really is just that! It’s so quick to prepare, only needs a half hour rise time (though having made it in the morning, it sat most of the day before I used it- and was perfect), and tastes absolutely gorgeous. It’s also incredibly versatile, as I’ve made all sorts of things from it- pizza dough, buns, regular bread, focacciacrusty masala bread, and of course, the pita. Whole hearted thanks Delia. Two years later, and I would never abandon your recipe! 😉

**To make the pita, I just took a palmful of dough, lightly rolled it into a ball, flattened it and stretched it out with my hands. No rolling pin.

Pitaimg_5965 dough rising beautifully off in a warm corner, I got onto making the falafel mix. My folks had said that there was a mix somewhere, but you know me- if I’m doing it, it’s happening from scratch, – no questions asked.

Man, was it ever good.  I was so very impressed with how the img_5970beautiful chic pea patties turned out. They were indeed deep fried. For the first time making these babies, I went along with tradition, though I will go for baking next time…maybe. 😉  I did end up adding a little extra flour in img_5966the end to hold them together, though I’ve a feeling the oil wasn’t hot enough when we started frying. Make sure your oil is piping hot!

Having img_5964set the falafel mix into the fridge, I was onto the toum, as already described above. I hadn’t planned it, but when that was done with, I thought to make tahini sauce, another first, which couldn’t be skipped because it’s just so easy.

Finally, before getting to the main job of actually frying the falafel and making the pita bread, I decided on making hummus. There was some already in the fridgimg_5963e (store bought), but I really do love my own, and it tastes a million times better. I always pop a little bit of tumeric in these
days, for a little color, but mainly because it’s just great stuff. Food, drink, skincare, whatever- add a pinch, I say! Here’s an older version I made with roasted red pepper- you could simply omit that, add the pinch of tumeric, et voila, done. 😉

So then, onto the frying we go. I asked Dad to help out there so I could get onto the pita bread at the same time. On a side note, my father is truly a closet chef, really.  I think he secretly loves being in the kitchen, and jumps at every chance to create. (He made a delicious paneer biryani the other day!).
Mom makes great stuff too, though dad seems to enjoy the creative process more. Her job for our Soul Food Sunday was to replicate Barakat’s delicious salad, compete with pickles and such- and it was absolutely perfect.


It really was a mighty team effort, and especially since mom was in such a funk prior to starting.  I just couldn’t be swayed from the brilliant creative mood I was in (much as she tried, I wouldn’t sing her tune even when directed straight at me).
Instead, I blessed the heck out of her, and within no time at all, she was the taste tester for my toum, tahini paste, falafel…and asking why I don’t open a restaurant etc.  Yep, I just threw in a little love vibe/soul talk there. “Truly, if you don’t like what you see, change the way you see it and the thing you see will change.” I just refused to see mum in her funk, and rather saw the perfection in her, which she came round to.

There were many high fives, and hugs later. “See, we did it. You did it,” I said…The whole process was worth it just to see sweet lil’ mama in joy. God Bless that little cookie. ❤

Back to the meal- dad’s brilliant idea, after having finished making all the falafel- “why don’t we deep fry the pita too?” No argument there, right? Done and done. I was making the pocket sized pita’s  on a large pan (no need for oil/butter), and the last few expanded beautifully in the bubbling hot oil. I have no pictures…but remember elephant ears? Now we know how to make them. 😉 I’m sure they’ll come up in a post soon-I’ve already been requested to make more bread dough, which I think will definitely be one of the recipes that sticks long after This Little Cookie is gone. 😉

Play- play til your hearts content. I know I’ll be initiating more of this kind of love fest as everybody wins. ❤


More than just a Food Revolution

(Written Saturday, 16 May). 

Today was the big Food revolution day everywhere, and I’d planned to head into Old Town Bratislava, to join everyone else interested in the event.  However, I awoke, feeling like absolute crap, bloated beyond belief in my hands and feet to the point of pain my left hand. Even worse than that was that my belly was bloated, like I was 5 months pregnant or something. Not pleasant. 

Interestingly enough, I’d just had a dream in which I was very stressed out. I was pregnant, and though I would now be accepted by certain family members – that I was finally going along with status quo – it wasn’t what I’d wanted.  

The dream felt incredibly real, like they often do these days, during and after the water cleanse. 

Anyhow, within minutes of getting out of bed, I went out for my usual meditative walk, and whilst heading downstairs, even my lower legs started to hurt. “What on earth is going on?!?!” I thought….  
Over and over again I was repeating to myself, “I love you Munjeet Sehra,” whilst tapping under my collar bone.  I was doing this for my body, to relieve the bloating, which I had no idea from where it was all coming. 

I spoke to anger, I spoke to inflammation, I spoke to control and fear…Things were starting to come to me, old things which I’d never expressed to the person or people involved, which my body had held onto- that I was so inflamed. 
Amazing that even though life is wonderful, and I have no complaints about the present moment, my subconscious dredges us stuff for me to deal with. Fine, I accept this all, especially now that I know what to do with it.  

The walk helped a ton, and shortly after I returned home, the swelling in my extremities started to dissipate, and was fully gone by noon, after playing with food- my solace. 

The bloating in my belly (something I’m not digesting in my life), still remained though. It was soon time to head over to the centre for the Food Revolution, so I showered, and got dressed, but then sat on the bed, feeling really glum. I couldn’t figure it out, and my intuition was screaming at me not to go out, to stay in and be still.  

Decision made. So I did. I decided it best not to go anywhere.  

In the end, I missed all the festivities of Food Revolution, which I’d been so looking forward to – and quite happily, to be honest – as I slowed down and further gave my body the attention she was screaming for. 

Something was/still is really out of whack, but the tapping, self love, and Yurai – bless him for his patience and understanding – are helping loads.
Now then this huge ramble- and that picture—-all in all, I played with food, of course, and am feeling much better for it.
[Jeeze, I forgot to mention the headache and ear pain from this morning. All gone too, and I believe I just needed to get creative, in that regard.]  

I tell you, adjusting back to food, after 26 days of not eating, hasn’t actually been easy…that’s another post though. 

Ok, ramble over! Let’s talk food. 🙂 
We’ve been really hooked on anything hummus- like of late, so I’ve got two kinds here, a version using kidney beans and peas, and the other with white beans and peas. The third spread, which started out as sprouted masoor lentils, with the usual curry fixings, was blended to oblivion, before I got the idea to add cottage cheese, so threw on some clothes and popped out to the shop, before carrying on. 
The fourth item on the plate is labneh – a yoghurt cheese – typical of Middle Eastern cuisine, that I was curious about. I got the idea from foodblogger, Rivka Friedman, who lived in Jerusalem for many years. She’s got some beautiful food over at Not Derby Pie. The labneh, though it required about 24 hours to set (and so beautifully), was very easy and tastey.  I didn’t make the accompanying za’atar, this time, but it’s in my mind. 🙂 

We also had some Balkan cheese in the fridge, so I cooked it slowly with cumin seeds & chili flakes- was fabulous, especially with my first time ever naan, for which I picked up the recipe at Budget Bytes, a great food site. Learning learning learning. 
So, all in all, seems we had our own revolutions here at #14, food and emotions. 🙂 
The food will be blogged over on my other site: Food is the Way 🙂 

Thanks for reading, as always. Much love and light. 

Notes from DAYS 20-21, Body/Mind Cleanse – NO FOOD

Day 20

-It’s around 6:30am
-I’m doing very well. Slept a peaceful night and can’t remember any dreams.
-Look forward to this beautiful day.
-No tiredness
-Very creative – happliy designing today
-Yurai commented that the whites of my eyes are clearer, and so too, is my skin, and lighter also. My brother also noticed that.
-Bowel movement midday – odd. Wasn’t quiet solid, but not the runs either. Forgot to mention this altogether in previous days, though it has been consistent (daily) since the weekend.
I did have a lot of milk over the two days in my lattes, and as well as a spoon of French onion soup broth, and the broth from the shrimp.  Most importantly though, I feel I’m getting rid of stuff that is no longer serving me, that’s been stuck in my body. More decisions being made, and moving forward, feeling good.

I feel progression, especially with my emotions. At the beginning of the cleanse, I was seeing clearly how my need for food was tied to feelings, and not necessarily hunger. That became more evident around the second week of the cleanse, and especially around my period.

The amazing thing is that I experienced such strong anger today that I haven’t in a long time. Initially I did do EFT for it, but I’m finding I have less and less need for it. AND- big win – I didn’t even think about food when I was really angry. An amazing step forward, and why I would like to carry on with the cleanse to 30 days, it feels like the way for me.
I like this feeling, I like this new programming, and would like to save it into my subconscious before moving back to food.
I’m excited and curious about the path ahead.
Day 21 – What was to be the last day 🙂 

-It’s about 6am or so. Finished water meditation, with a candle beside me, as the sun hasn’t poked out yet.
-Feeling very much at peace.
-Slept early last night, and though I don’t remember any of it, Yurai said I was talking in my sleep. I was helping solve some woman’s problems, though he doesn’t remember any of the conversation, I had clearly said a name of Japanese or Chinese descent. Interesting. 
-Bowel “movement” again, but no formation, rather clear, and liquidy, and very airy!! Still letting go of stuff, but all in all, everything is clearer. 

Today is the last day of my cleanse, technically, but as I’ve been foreshadowing, I’m up for another 9 days, taking me up to 30 days.

And over the next 9 days, I intend to prepare to eat. The last time I came out of the 21 day cleanse, I paid no attention to what I was eating and put any and everything in my beautiful body, taking her very much for granted. My first meal was the infamous Slovak duck and cabbage- made by a dear friend- and so very tasty, though I’ll be doing things different this time around. 

My breakfast concoction 😉 

I envisage Ayurvedic khichari, (Indian lentils with rice) for it’s healing properties, with lots of ginger and tumeric, salads of homemade grown sprouts and legumes, (which I’ll start prepping in a few days), juices, and soups. Also, I really wish to make everything from scratch. I love food, all of it, bread included. I went gluten free for a long time, and I don’t care for it anymore. I look forward to baking my own breads, ciabattas, foccacia’s what not. 🙂

I spent a few hours designing a skirt after writing the above, and then moved onto making Yurai breakfast. It was like a cake, layered with cheesey (very mature cheddar), scrambled eggs, caramelised onions, thinly sliced courgette, and mashed potato. As I was in creative mode, I covered it all with a combination of goat cheese, walnuts, garlic, & thyme. Needless to say, I don’t always get it right, (especially when not tasting!!), and in the end, I did a makeover, scraping off the outer layer, which served as the perfect snack for Yurai later in the day. 

And, I made potato chips for the first time! Loving food, loving playing, and  look forward to cooking and eating together again. 

Went out last night to a book launch. It was nice, packed, a very artsy fartsy crowd – but overwhelming for me. I ducked out early, which I’m happy about – listening to my intuition comes more naturally these days. 
Guys, whoever you are that’s reading my rambles, I thank you sincerely. 

If ever you’ve got questions about this cleanse or food in general, do ask. I’ve been through the whole gamut of food related issues, and have never felt more free. 

Much peace and love ❤

Notes from DAYS 12-15 of Body/Mind Cleanse – NO FOOD

Day 12
-Another peaceful night.
-Awoke refreshed
-Calm emotionally
-Slept 9hours
-Normal bladder movements
-Had a coffee for taste.
-No nap needed.
-No period yet, but last time I cleansed, I got if after two weeks – so much for down time! No -expectations, just going with the flow.
-When I “feel” hungry, I hop onto Pinterest and eat with my eyes, you’d be surprised how well that works, and if not, EFT helps. 🙂 

Was out and about today, and for the most part with normal energy levels. During the last cleanse, I didn’t go out much, but this time around, I feel it’s doable (not every single day, but doable). Needless to say, it was quite inspiring. After a meeting, Yurai and I met, and took a walk by the river before heading home together.

Cool dreams, again involving resolution with someone no longer in my life, ditching class to search for magical trees, which I didn’t find, but did pass by a young girl with glowing eyes. Upon returning to class, I overheard a teacher talking about my fairytale, Piyar & Soleil, and it’s author, in such a lovely way. When she spotted me, she urged me to come over and speak to her students… A nice feeling. 🙂
 The transitions continues, and my energy is increasing. Feeling good overall.
DAY 13

-Sleep was restless, after going to bed for the second time.
-Awoke in not such a great mood, did some energy work immediately, and let it go.
-Breath doesn’t stink as much (hallelujah!)
-Noticed a couple of pimples around the circumference of my heart chakra – a good thing – toxins are coming out, but if I don’t want pimples, more water today, and salt.
-Hungry? Not so much. Tomorrow marks 2 weeks, and I’d told myself that at the end of every seven days, I’d decide if I would carry on for another seven- yep. 🙂
I love food. Period. 

Becoming a regular thing to be physically tired, but mentally alert, upon going to bed. This time my eyes popped open and I got out of bed after midnight, having slept two hours and went online.
I was on pinterest (food, of course), and with the ideas sprinkling over me, came up with four new recipes, which I’m so looking forward to.

Though I do enjoy meat, I find myself leaning more towards veggies, legumes, cheeses, sprouts etc. Feels like it’s the thing for me to do when I do commence eating.
This is a far cry from my paleo days and ways a few years back where I’d awake at 4:30am to eat some form of meat before leading bootcamp at 6:45am, followed by more meat, and another bootcamp at 9:30am – followed by yet more meat, as quick as possible. As one old friend put it, I was a slave to food.

This whole process has allowed me to further strip away all the rules, and be ever more free to choose on a moments whim what and if I wish to ingest.

Later in day- Experiencing some cramping, with my oncoming period, and just feeling blah, so went outside for a walk. I was so tired though, and ended up taking a u-turn, to sit in a playground, basking in the sun.
Was there for a while, feeling, glum at first, and then I started to write. Eventually, I was scribbling down food ideas. Wait for it….
I went home feeling well, and having massaged my around my belly whilst outdoors, to ease the pain and I allow my period to come, it did, as soon as I got in – great – but the pain was back after a short while, and my mood dropped. I was feeling quite awful, questioning my life, feeling quite crappy – the whole nine yards – and decided I didn’t even want to do EFT. 

“Feel it all, feel whatever this is, and let it be,” I said to myself, tears and all. I fell asleep, and felt better for it.

Spending a great deal of time on Pinterest and food blogs, for what I can only call, research. Though I am incredibly hungry I think it’s a metaphor for my life:
DAY 14
-Two weeks done!! As I mentioned somewhere, I’m carrying on another week.
-Awoke later than usual and very tired.
-Period is heavier today.
-Out in the sun today, back in the playground, this time ready for writing. Did much over two hours. Very pleased.
Took afternoon nap, dreamt of two things, food and taking pictures, not of food, but just taking pictures. Dreaming of photography, not for the first time. 
Double whammy with the period. So very tired
Small bowel movement in the morning.
Upon morning meditation, I started to gain some clarity. I sat there in the warm sun, contemplating what I’m doing, and have done. Really, all I think about is food, second to which comes designing clothes, but I don’t dream about EFT, it’s something that I just do, for my peace, (and with/for Yurai). 
I get it. If someone wants to change themselves, they’ll find a way. Why am I going blue in the face, not to mention, seriously broke, “trying” to help others? Just be. 

When I cook, I feed my soul, whether it’s a meal for Yurai and I, or his family, or friends. It’s always magical, because for me it is love, beingin the state of love.‘ 
 I’ve been asked to cook for others and refused, just like when I was designing over a decade ago.
 I kept refusing because I was scared, despite constant requests.
 No one is knocking down my door to learn how to self-heal via EFT.

Yesterday I tweeted (before my mood had dropped):

“Incredible- day 13 of body mind cleanse w/ water & odd coffee, & no desire to eat. HOWEVER, I really want to create, play w/ food & cook! :).

And in a following tweet: 

“Anyone want to loan me their kitchen so I can play and make you some seriously beautiful food…? Mind is rolling with ideas.”

Clarity. Clarity by removing all distractions from my life, and feeding myself with love through water. 

Been going over some of my food pics and writing down the recipes, not for a book, but for a blog. I know, I’ve been all talk and no action, because I’ve been trying so hard at something which isn’t going anywhere.
Whist out in the sun again, the name and intro to my food blog spilled out of my mind, onto the pages ahead. A very refreshing feeling.

DAY 15
Roasted red peppers used for spread. 
-Went to bed late last night and awoke early, fresh. With my period easing, I sense my energy is increasing, much like last time I did the cleanse, sleeping only a few hours and full of creativity.
-Sleep was peaceful
-Am very much looking forward to gardening with Yurai’s mom, and starting the cooking today for tomorrow’s lunch (in honor of Yurai’s name day 😉 ).
-Food ideas are coming to me non-stop, the path is clear. 
-Sat and chatted with Yurai’s mother, who’s an absolute sweetheart, in Slovak. See below.  

What a day! I did no gardening whatsoever. We shopped for everything with Yurai’s mother (she’s over the moon that she no longer has to cook for family events, and I’m more than happy to have taken over :)), but I was extremely exhausted. 

Got back home, had a coffee, sat down for a few mins, and then nearly jumped out of my skin to get started with food. 

I prepped a light dinner for Yurai and his parents, which was just fresh bread with a couple of spreads, topped with alfalfa sprouts (will put up on the upcoming food blog for you), and then the festivities began for the following day. 

Herbed, pan-fried bread, with delectable spreads. 
I made chocolate ice cream, and most of the raw chocolate cake, prepared brioche (my first time making bread!!!!), and with sleep a distant idea, even cut up the onions for another first – french onion soup. I’d have started to make it, though Yurai’s mom called it a night for us all. 

On a side note- I must say, she and I sat and chatted for quite a while, in Slovak. Only last week was I saying to Yurai that I’m happy with my level of Slovak and don’t have a desire to learn more, but I was picking up and remembering so much. I really attribute my enhanced learning to this cleanse. By removing old gunk stuck inside of me, I’m left with wide open pathways for newness. 
Alas, having been practically ordered to get to bed, (nicely :)), I couldn’t sleep, as I was cooking in my mind. If I didn’t say it before, food is the way. My way.