Soul Food Friday

If you wish to skip the story, here all the links you need to make the most phenomenal meal, to win over anyone’s heart and stomach.  😉

Falafel- By Sue over at The View From Great Island
Tahini Sauce- (also from Sue) 
 By Kristen over at Bourban and Honey
Hummus– my version 😉
Pita Bread- By Delia of  Delia Creates
Mega thanks to all these lovely creatures and fellow foodies. ❤
Back when I was a kid, we used to call it “junk food Friday’s,” which consisted of homemade french fries, heinz beans, fish fingers, frozen veggies and fried mushrooms.
Once in a blue moon we’d even head to McDonald’s, where we each got to choose one item (a burger) to be brought home and eaten with home cut fries.

All in all, my parents were pretty awesome about home made food, which I greatly appreciate now, and didn’t so much back then. Always the way, hey? I don’t even think I had a full “Happy Meal” til I ditched all the rules, took off, and began writing my own. Alas, no McDonald’s anymore for some years now, BUT I assure you, there are many happy meals being made.

In my stay at my parents place, I’ve fallen back into tradition with them for junk food Friday’s, though they really aren’t. Everyone eats pretty well around here, and indulges in the usual goodies of ice cream cakes and cookies etc, every now and again. The Friday has become Vietnamese/Thai from Pho Lee, (which does a mean Pad Thai), or seriously delicious Middle Eastern takeaway from London’s infamous Barakat, (with pizza every now and again).

This passing Friday, I announced that I would treat everyone for whatever they agreed upon, but got it in mind soon after that actually, what I really wanted was to replicate Barakat’s really really really yummy food.  And so I set out to do just that.

My vision, first and foremost “Toum.”
I must admit that the whole idea did begin with the greatest garlic sauce I’ve ever had. I picked up the recipe here, by the lovely Kristen, over at  “Bourban & Honey, and it turned out phenomenal.img_5968

(I did add aquafaba to it, (thought it’s not necessary) because I’ve been on such a kick of late and having made plant based mayo (which was a total hit), I knew it would work).

Though I’d had it before, I never knew it to be called “toum” rather just, “that awesome garlic sauce.”

Carrying on-early in the day, I prepared the dough for pita bread. Since coming across it, I always go back to **Deliaimg_5972‘s “Best Ever Bread,” recipe. It really is just that! It’s so quick to prepare, only needs a half hour rise time (though having made it in the morning, it sat most of the day before I used it- and was perfect), and tastes absolutely gorgeous. It’s also incredibly versatile, as I’ve made all sorts of things from it- pizza dough, buns, regular bread, focacciacrusty masala bread, and of course, the pita. Whole hearted thanks Delia. Two years later, and I would never abandon your recipe! 😉

**To make the pita, I just took a palmful of dough, lightly rolled it into a ball, flattened it and stretched it out with my hands. No rolling pin.

Pitaimg_5965 dough rising beautifully off in a warm corner, I got onto making the falafel mix. My folks had said that there was a mix somewhere, but you know me- if I’m doing it, it’s happening from scratch, – no questions asked.

Man, was it ever good.  I was so very impressed with how the img_5970beautiful chic pea patties turned out. They were indeed deep fried. For the first time making these babies, I went along with tradition, though I will go for baking next time…maybe. 😉  I did end up adding a little extra flour in img_5966the end to hold them together, though I’ve a feeling the oil wasn’t hot enough when we started frying. Make sure your oil is piping hot!

Having img_5964set the falafel mix into the fridge, I was onto the toum, as already described above. I hadn’t planned it, but when that was done with, I thought to make tahini sauce, another first, which couldn’t be skipped because it’s just so easy.

Finally, before getting to the main job of actually frying the falafel and making the pita bread, I decided on making hummus. There was some already in the fridgimg_5963e (store bought), but I really do love my own, and it tastes a million times better. I always pop a little bit of tumeric in these
days, for a little color, but mainly because it’s just great stuff. Food, drink, skincare, whatever- add a pinch, I say! Here’s an older version I made with roasted red pepper- you could simply omit that, add the pinch of tumeric, et voila, done. 😉

So then, onto the frying we go. I asked Dad to help out there so I could get onto the pita bread at the same time. On a side note, my father is truly a closet chef, really.  I think he secretly loves being in the kitchen, and jumps at every chance to create. (He made a delicious paneer biryani the other day!).
Mom makes great stuff too, though dad seems to enjoy the creative process more. Her job for our Soul Food Sunday was to replicate Barakat’s delicious salad, compete with pickles and such- and it was absolutely perfect.


It really was a mighty team effort, and especially since mom was in such a funk prior to starting.  I just couldn’t be swayed from the brilliant creative mood I was in (much as she tried, I wouldn’t sing her tune even when directed straight at me).
Instead, I blessed the heck out of her, and within no time at all, she was the taste tester for my toum, tahini paste, falafel…and asking why I don’t open a restaurant etc.  Yep, I just threw in a little love vibe/soul talk there. “Truly, if you don’t like what you see, change the way you see it and the thing you see will change.” I just refused to see mum in her funk, and rather saw the perfection in her, which she came round to.

There were many high fives, and hugs later. “See, we did it. You did it,” I said…The whole process was worth it just to see sweet lil’ mama in joy. God Bless that little cookie. ❤

Back to the meal- dad’s brilliant idea, after having finished making all the falafel- “why don’t we deep fry the pita too?” No argument there, right? Done and done. I was making the pocket sized pita’s  on a large pan (no need for oil/butter), and the last few expanded beautifully in the bubbling hot oil. I have no pictures…but remember elephant ears? Now we know how to make them. 😉 I’m sure they’ll come up in a post soon-I’ve already been requested to make more bread dough, which I think will definitely be one of the recipes that sticks long after This Little Cookie is gone. 😉

Play- play til your hearts content. I know I’ll be initiating more of this kind of love fest as everybody wins. ❤



Alignment: The Root of Happiness 

It was only a short time ago that this picture ended up on the doorstep of my heart. Sent along by someone very special, moments after I saw it, I attached the quote by Ram Dass, and shared it on social media.

When I first came across the quote, a couple of years back, from the moment I read it, sat deep in my heart as absolute truth.

It makes sense, doesn’t it?

If I go into the place in myself that is love,
And you go into the place in yourself that is love,
We are together, in love.

Then you and I are truly in love-
The state of being in love.

That is the entrance to Oneness.

I do. I love these words beyond measure…actually, it’s more so how they make me feel- a deep sense of resonance with all that I am- at peace.

When you become love, that is what you attract.

To those of you looking for the perfect soulmate, longing for that perfect person to show up on the doorstep of your own heart, first become the living embodiment of that which you desire…

Take the time, get aligned. Fall in love with yourself, over and over again. In getting aligned, and striving to make that your goal as often as you can remember, happiness awaits in abundance. Smile :*

God bless You ❤

PS: I would very much love to give credit to the artist who did this sketch – it was the perfect thing at the perfect time for infinite reasons. Thank YOU ❤




Become Your Own Soulmate

Brilliant song- Gorecki by Lamb
(lyrics below).

What my heart told me in the

spaces of this beautiful song:

 Be Your Own Soulmate. 

You are the one you’ve been looking for. 

You are the one to love til seas run dry. 

Find the one you’ve waited for, in yourself. 

Gorecki, by Lamb

If I should die this very moment

I wouldn’t fear

For I’ve never known completeness

Like being here

Wrapped in the warmth of you

Loving every breath of you

Still in my heart this moment

Or it might burst

Could we stay right here

Until the end of time until the earth stops turning

Gonna love you until the seas run dry

I’ve found the one I’ve waited for

All this time I’ve loved you

And never known your face


All this time I’ve missed you

And searched this human race

Here is true peace

Here my heart knows calm

Safe in your soul

Bathed in your sighs

Want to stay right here

Until the end of time

All I’ve known

All I’ve done

All I’ve felt was leading to this

All I’ve known

All I’ve done

All I’ve felt was leading to this

Gonna stay right here

‘Till the end of time ’till the earth stops turning

I’m gonna love you ’till the seas run dry

I’ve found the one I’ve waited for

The one I’ve waited for

God Bless You Dear One: You are the One❤️🙏🏼✨

The New Wave – Our Children

This is how the new wave is entering…In fact this is how we all entered. Whole, talented, full of love. 

turkish-drummer-boyWhat a travesty it would be, should this boy ever stop drumming, because he has go to school, to have his precious and perfect mind, stuffed with things he doesn’t need. 

Sound/feel familiar…?

The thing that our children do the best, encourage that with love, not for fame, or money, but because he/she is in the state of love, like this beautiful boy. 

Look at him…He drums without effort. He drums like we breathe, like our hearts beat, without thinking about what he’s doing. That’s the art of life. It was never supposed to be difficult. 

We’re born with everything in tact, and we lose it from an early age, being told we should do this or that. 

Then we struggle, spending years, and for some, a lifetime, to find our purpose again- the very ‘raison d’être,’ that we’re born with, not knowing any different in those first years of our life. 

We struggle because we’re put into blocks of how we should be and act, and we lose the most important thing that’s rarely discussed, like the big white elephant in the room. 


If it’s ok that for most of our lives we’ve been mean to ourselves, with simple things like calling yourself an idiot when breaking a glass, or berating yourself when something doesn’t go ‘your way,’ etc etc, then it’s more than ok to say, 

“I love you” 
to yourself.

Try it now, in your mind, or aloud. 

The worlds problems would soon dissipate if we each started to whole heartedly love ourselves, because in doing so, like a ripple effect that love from our hearts, radiates outwards to everyone and everything. 
You see what I mean, we heal the world and everyone in it, when we love ourselves—that’s why self-love has nothing to do with being selfish. 

Do you dream of a life without stress?     Love yourself

Do you dream of losing weight?     Love yourself
Do you dream of the love of your life?     Love yourself
Do you dream of more money?     Love yourself
Do you dream of the perfect job?     Love yourself


“I love you.”
Allow each word and the breaths between, to settle in to you. Slow down, slow down more than you ever have. 
You don’t need to go to the woods, or halfway across the world, to an ashram, or even as far as your local yoga class.
Yoga is here and now, a union of the body and mind, and it doesn’t matter where we are, or what position we are in. 
Go “no where,” and arrive to “now here.” See that? No magic there. 
Too easy? 
Sure, I too spent years and years looking outside of myself for peace. I thought the road to happiness was in daily exercise, and the release of endorphins, to excite and stimulate my being. 
Then I thought it was in whole and real food. 
Then all of that got really really screwed up. 
People left my life. I was alone, with nowhere to go, with no one to turn to, but myself. 
Trust me, I spent nearly half of my life searching outside, went to numerous ‘professionals,’ of the mind, healers, etc etc etc, and what I ended up with is myself, and I am ever so grateful for everyone who crossed my path and helped me- very grateful. 
So, what I’m hear to say, is that you’ll eventually come back to this simple message, after exhausting your finances and resources, looking to everyone to ‘fix,’ you. You’ll go to another palm reader, clairvoyant, phsychologist, personal trainer, nutritionist. Some will help, surely, but you’ll end up searching again. I see it time and time again. 
OR, I give you permission to go inside and stop searching. 
Again, my darling, if for so many years of your life, you’ve been inundated with messages that bash your spirit, (whether from yourself or those around you, who, to no fault of their own, have guided you away from you, whilst doing their best),  then it’s time to stop. Stop and be nice to you. 
“I love you,” doesn’t work? 
Slow down a whole lot more. There’s a crying child inside you, begging for your attention. A child who’s been hurting a long long time, living through your messages of,
I hate my job, 
I hate my life,
I hate my partner,
I hate my body
I hate this food I have to eat
I hate my this or that. This isn’t right. That sucks. He sucks. Life sucks.
I hate hate hate……
If this is the kind of thing you’ve been telling yourself (and please be honest with not me, but YOU), then when you finally start to say, 
“I love you,”
to yourself, and nothing happens as fast as the microwave can warm up last night’s dinner, I beg you be patient and gentle with yourself. 
Please, don’t blow yourself off. 
..Decades of “I hate, don’t like etc etc, compared to a few seconds of “I love you.” 
See what I mean? Keep going. You owe it to yourself to love yourself. Don’t you…? 

We’re supposed to get everything we desire in life, everything. The key is to unlock our heart, and it locks up again, go back and unlock it over and over again.  

Allow me to reiterate – Like our breath, and the beating of our hearts, life isn’t supposed to be difficult and we don’t have to “try to make it work out.” We don’t have to try to breath, we just do- thank God/The Universe, The Powers that be. Thank Yourself…

This young talented boy loves himself and doesn’t even know it. He’s so connected and doesn’t have to search for the meaning of life, he is life. He is beautiful. He is perfect, as are we all. 

May we help the next wave of children, our angels, stay connected to that very thing that makes them shine, and not for a second surpress or take advantage of their greatness for our own gains. You be great for YOU, not living vicariously through your child. Don’t stamp out the art that he/she has come to this life with, by forcing practicing, by forcing anything. Just let them be. 

How do we do that? You already know the answer, ‘love yourself,’ and teach them the way of love, self-love, by just being.

May you be blessed. ❤

Janka & Slniečko (Sunshine), The Homeless Man

-A Love Story-

A few days back, my dear friend Janka, and I had a conversation whilst perched on a set of swings, in a nearby playground, under the moonlight.

It was just the beginning of this heatwave, and I’d wanted to only drop off some cookies that I’d baked, then head off for a walk (solo, as I’d needed to clear my mind). Janka asked if she could join me, as she too was melting in her flat, so we both head off – and am I ever glad we did.

With the story I’m about to tell you, Janka filled my heart with so much love, precisely why I share it with you.

Earlier that day whilst heading to an appointment, Janka encountered a homeless man, and not your every day encounter at that.

This man, whom we’ll call ‘Slniečko,’ was trying to flag her down (from across the road), because he had a carton of eggs he wanted to give HER.

A passerby coming out of a grocery store, had given Slniecko the eggs, and he told Janka that he wanted her to have them, as he had nowhere to cook them, and would feel so bad to let them go to waste.

Janka was really touched, but honeslty didn’t have the need for more eggs, as she had plenty at home.

Wanting to do something, but ahving to get to her meeting, (that would take roughly two hours), she offered Slniecko to cook them for him, but that she would only be able to do so after her meeting.

I cannot remember the exact details as to why that didn’t happen, but it doesn’t matter. That she’d offered to even cook the eggs for him, brought Slniecko to tears. He started to cry, out of sincere gratitude, that this angel had come along, and wanted to do something so nice for him. This scene also brought Janka to tears, and she acted immediately.

Janka (who, amongst other things, teaches new moms, and moms to be, the art of connecting with their newborn via massage), went up to her clients place, and told her the situation.

In a matter of minutes, the girls had cooked the eggs, and brought them down to Slniecko. They also gave him money to pick up some fresh bread and vegetables, as the young mom ‘to be,’ didn’t have any at home.

More tears, more joy, so much love cycling between these four beings…All for nothing, in the grand scheme of things.

We don’t know why he’s ended up on the streets, but Slniecko, approximately 40-50years old, has a beautiful heart and a strong will. He suffers from excruciating leg pain, and has lost some of his toes due to frostbite. Regular ‘over the counter,’ drugs do not help him, though he’s ‘lucky,’ to be in touch with those who can get him what he does need for the pain.

At one point he’d seen a doctor about his pain, and the doctor told him that his left leg would have to be amputated below the knee.

His words were something along the lines of, “Who are YOU to cut off my leg?! I live on the streets, I need all of me!”

These are the parts of the story that I remember from Janka, the parts that my heart remembers…

After she told me, I was pretty speechless, before the questions came along..His name? How old? How long has he been on the streets? Why…?

And then I asked her how HE helped her, and Janka paused and contemplated for a few moments.

She told me that He helped to remind her of the abundance that she has…
More than enough food, a roof over her head, the gift of health, lots of love…
He reminded her of how blessed she is.

I thought to myself that maybe Slniecko is the angel, put in our paths, to remind us of exactly what Janka said- the abundance we already have.

Perhaps to be on the streets, HE is rich, not needing so much. It is not that he doesn’t value is life…perhaps his dharma, his life’s purpose, is to wake us up. An angel disguised as a homeless man, who’s heart smiles when he encounters someone like Janka, knowing tht the world is acutally healing….

If you (anyone), have a Love Story of your own, and wish to share it here, (and even for me to write it out for you), I’d be honored.

May you be blessed. ❤

A Decade Since Freedom

So after 24 hours in complete solitude, I went head first into four Indian Feasts over the course of six days. 

There are so many pictures to put up, and I start with this: an appetizer of homemade masala bread, with apricot chutney, also made by yours truly, paired with a spoon of bryndza/sheep cheese- the perfect combination of Indian & Slovak tastes. 
Moving forward, I’ve shifted from cooking to writing. 

Last night, whilst falling into a dream state, I was reminded of something which gives way for me to celebrate – not that life itself is not a celebration- though this piece of writing is that of breaking free, the beginning of discovery and love of myself. 

It dawned on me that May 2015 marked a decade of my freedom.  My wings had just started to thaw out having left my ex-husband after eight years together, in late 2004. For the first time in my life, I was solo, and with that came the impulse to pack my bags and leave everything behind me, to head back to the country where I was born- England. 

That’s what happened in May 2005. 

On an aside, in telling my husband this ‘revelation,’ just now, he too, had one of his own. Wouldn’t you believe that Yurai also left, not just his ex-wife, but her country too, and made his way back home, from Japan to Slovakia…? 

Oh, the synchronicity that sings to us. It’s not enough that both Yurai and I were married to our respective ex’s in three separate ceremonies, (this much we already knew), we met each other 10 years later, and for me, to the exact month, & possibly even to the day that I left my ex-husband.
Thanks Universe, for your cheeky way of sharing our secrets to us- always conspiring. 🌞
I didn’t know that I would marry again, (& almost did twice), but with Yurai, there was no question. 
Sometime in December, and yes, shortly after we met, we ‘tied the knot,’ literally. 
On the very same finger that we’d previously worn a wedding ring, we each tied layers of intertwined red thread on one another. 

There was nothing traditional about our sacred union, as we long recognized that there’s little that’s traditional about the pair of us, each in our own world, which we synchronize and share with the other. 
On that day in December 2014, in the state of love, with God as our witness, we United, in the temple of our minds. 

The toughest part of leaving Canada, was seeing my father become emotional at the airport, when it was time for me to go. 

Rarely did I see him cry, and there he was, my hero, tears spilling. My heart ached, but still, the decision was made, my own, & I had to go, heart heavy & all. I had to fly away from my Superhero – both my mother & father combined. 

We’d had such a rough time together until just a few years prior, when we’d allowed our past to settle, so even then, I knew that we were all so blessed to be in the state of love, and no longer in fear.

I was and am very lucky for the way my life has shaped out, in regards to my Superhero- 
especially after I ran away, 
especially after being disowned, 
especially for marrying someone I chose, instead of following tradition & having an arranged marriage, especially after they surrendered & accepted me, 
only for me to walk away. 

Should they have stuck to ‘the rules,’ I was supposed to be shunned from the family for divorcing my then husband, but they did the opposite. They loved, the best way they knew how. 
My God, I love and miss them dearly. 

Back to my 10 year anniversary out of Canada, I am much much lighter now. 

Just like when I moved back to England, with my life in a couple of suitcases, I could do the same now. 

Since divorcing, I’ve never had much more than I can move around in a car (someone else’s), and now I have even less, and could probably fit my life again, into a couple of suitcases.

I don’t own a home or a car, have just enough food in my fridge, practice the songs of my heART, and live simply, in the state of love, with a man who’s heart is a match of my own, my dear husband, Yurai – such a beautiful soul. who shifts and blossoms continuously. 

Life is simple, and where I used to think that being called a ‘simpleton,’ was offensive, I am that, I am. 

I am simple. 

Peace & Love to you too, always. 

"Piyar & Soleil:" an Interview with Vlado Kral of 9Muz

This is the translated version, from Slovak, of the interview that took place on 02 July, 2015, about my first published book – a fairy tale called “Piyar & Soleil: In Vintascia’s Realm.” Mega thanks to Vlado Kral for the interview! 🙂

I wrote this book as a form of self therapy. The story is based on real events from my life recounted in a fantastical way.
In short, it’s about a couple who are reconnected after lifetimes apart. Everything is perfect until an unseen force of evil comes their way, which causes each of the characters’ own shadows and demons to come out, disconnecting them in the meantime.  
Piyar, (the male character), goes away in effort to deal with the imbalance within him, initiated by the evil force, all the while hoping that he and Soleil will reunite. 

Eventually she finds her way back to him through her subconscious, whilst in a dream state.
As writing the story was cathartic for my soul, it’s much like IT was writing through me. I was writing mostly in the middle of the night, very intuitively, and without thought. I would awake, pick up a pen and just write. ( I still have all my night time scribbles 🙂).
In the morning, I’d read what I’d written and sometimes even be blown away at what had come up. That’s it really, the story, (and names included), came to/through me. There wasn’t any thought involved with ‘Piyar,’ which translates to ‘love’ in Punjabi, and ‘Soleil,’ which translates to (sun) light in French. I suppose it was the Indian & Canadian in me, coming out. 🙂 
I’d liken the story to Cinderella, I love it, I love fairy tales. For example, Maleficent, is a fairy-tale ‘for children,’ though I really like it. My story is possible for older readers who would understand what it is about, but younger readers can also gain from it.  The whole story is written in rhyme, so it would sing to a child. 
As a kid, I loved rhymes. It’s one of the things that I remember most from childhood,  especially when we moved from England to Canada and I learned English, rhymes helped me a lot.
No it wasn’t.  I wrote the whole tale in just a few months, and it contained only two rhyming verses, each about four sentences. I was pleased to be finished, but when I reread the whole thing, I knew I had to start from scratch, putting everything into rhyme.
Of course it took longer, but the process was similar as before. I got up at night and the words just came to me and I wrote.
I love food, and am such a “foodie”, so I cook and then share their ideas and recipes on my Food Blog, though what gives me the greatest joy and love though, is teaching others how to heal themselves. Everything else is really just an extension of this. So whether I cook wonderful food, or design a dress, it’s all based on the love, which I in turn, can give to others.
Basically it all comes from my experience, my life’s journey. I used to think that fitness and a healthy diet were very important to us loving  ourselves (the only way).
But only through the process of my own healing, I understood that it’s about pouring love into ourselves, by taking a moment to stop and do something for ourselves.  It could be anything, a walk in the park or meditation.

For me, it literally means to stop everything, sit or lie down, and repeat ‘I love you Munjeet Sehra,’ – my personal ‘love mantra.’ It is a simple yet strong show of love & respect to my being.

That’s part of what I do. I teach people how to reach deep into themselves to heal, by learning how to love themselves, (which actually, my husband and I both do), by way of Tapping/EFT – literally teaching others how to tap into their own energy to resolve emotional problems. 
Tapping/EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), goes hand in hand with self-love. It’s worked such wonders for us that we decided to write a book about it called, ‘Modern Alchemy for Emotional Freedom.’

You know, I always ask people when they last said ‘I love you,’ to themselves. And the answer is usually never. This is a problem, because so often we say things like: “You’re an idiot,” or “what a stupid thing you just said,…etc etc” to ourselves, so why can we not say “I love you?”
The first person to come to mind is Richard Branson, he’s just brilliant. In general, I’m inspired by anyone who’s ‘self-made,’ who’s broken the rules and made their own, maybe ridiculed at the beginning, but didn’t give up. Richard Branson is one of those people for me, regardless of what anyone says.
EFT/ Modern Alchemy for Emotional Freedom:

Closing the circle, the name of my fairy tale is love and light, which is basically my message to people. Things that we lack are not outside of us, they are already within us, so if you look inside yourself, you will find your own love and light.

Peace and love, ❤