Body Talk

For a recording of the live facebook feed to this please click on the picture below. Otherwise, click here for Youtube. 


The main purpose of the talk was to show how by connecting with our body, we are more likely to  lose weight (the obvious) and keep it off, but also that we can change our lives by creating unity in body and mind, really literally being in “yoga.” 

Aside from the physical postures that we associate with “yoga,” the actual definition is “union between body & mind.” 


This very quote has become my regular practice in dealing with everything/everyone where I find myself in discord.

If I am in discord, I have so chosen it, and can choose also to be in harmony, as per the above quote. 

The quote can be applied to anything from food, to our too fat, ugly, too thin, imperfect bodies,  to relationships, to work, to anything you can put your mind to. 
In specific relation to food – if you are at odds with what you eat, in discord- instead of resisting the very thing you wish so badly to eat because it is “bad for me, or unhealthy, or will make my hips grow” whatever it may be- let’s change the attitude toward that food. 

Instead of eventually giving in and binging on the resisted sinfully delicious item, look at it, love it like nobody’s business (whatever you choose to say in your mind), and tell yourself that “this is thee very best thing I can put into my body right now”.

 This idea, though unconventional as it seems, is very much in line with the past talks I’ve given: Let’s consciously allow whatever it is, whether an emotion, food, situation, a person/people, to play out as they are, for what they are, and not resist any of it. 

 You want to eat that crispy creme donut – or the whole ½ dozen – eat it/them with joy.

Someone’s projecting at you whatever business they’ve got going on in themselves, roll up your window instead of engaging (then walk away and consciously allow all your deepest darkest feelings toward that person arise- in the comfort of your mind!). 

 Your body is still the same old “ugly piece of fatness” after 4 months of working out so hard every single day? See it for exactly what it is- like a small child, trying to get your attention. “Stop avoiding me, I need you, (it says), and I”m going to carry on holding onto whatever you eat or drink, even if it’s “healthy,” until you stop and listen to me!”

You see how this is so incredibly tied to the previous videos where the focus was on the mind? One cannot be separate of the other.

In order to operate optimally, our body and mind are in “yoga.” 

Does it happen all the time? 
No- though with practice, it gets easier and easier. 

 Let’s go back to the crispy creme example. So you eat one – or six- you’ve altered your attitude towards the deep-fried, sugary gorgeous lump of dough, and this time instead of eating with guilt, fear, shame, anger, frustration, you just love your way through it, saying to yourself, “this is the very best thing I can put into my body.” 

Didn’t work? Still feel the guilt, fear, shame, anger and frustration? Well, let’s allow those things to come to the surface for once instead of pushing them down deeper and deeper. 
I can promise you this, if you’ve been like myself in any sense – me, who had food issues from the wee age of five, to anorexia and addiction/obsession to exercise at the onset of puberty, followed closely by bulimia, years of severe depression from my teenage years to physically self-destructive behaviors including suicidal tendencies throughout my 20’s, to hiding in the fitness/health industry for years to mask my addiction –  to NOW, talking my body through every single thing that happens to me, YOU can be more than OK too. 

 In saying “talking to my body,” I mean it quite literally. If it’s a minor cut, I apologize.
If there’s a pain in my left ankle, I apologize.
If it’s someone projecting their anger towards me, which includes my body, all that I am- I apologize to my body for having to go through that, and I ask for forgiveness, and I repeat, “I love you,” until I am ok. 

 You would be surprised how long any pain for “ill” feeling lasts, once you get into this practice of self-love. 

Back again to crispy creme- I’ve allowed you to eat them with joy, as often as you need- and you now do that. You are much happier, your body is much happier, and that little bit of weight you gained when you first started eating them happily has fallen off, and keeps doing so.

It’s not happening overnight- it’s taking months, but we’re not counting, because finally, you’re free of the guilt, shame, anger, frustration. 

And you know what happens next? You won’t even notice that you stop eating the crispy creme, that you swap it for something that’s “healthier.” Your body is changing, it’s shaping up. 
A year goes by, you’re not exercising any different from before, or maybe like myself, you don’t exercise anymore, you just walk and things that feel good intuitively. 

Your eating style has changed tremendously, though it was a natural progression.

You start to tune into your body.  

You find out on your own what is good for you, what inflames you, what gives you the runs, what makes you feel over the moon.

You learn how to cook, really creatively cook delicious food. 

 And you know what? You are for the first time, shining like the brilliance that you are. 

That is what happens when body and mind are in yoga. 

It matters not, what size you are, or that anyone even notices that you’ve lost weight. It matters what you think of you, and how you ultimately feel about you. 

My current general routine (which itself changes organically): 

I wake up, and give thanks for another day of life
I take a seat on the ground in the living room, looking outside- just staring into nothingness, gently rocking from side to side
Eventually I fall into meditation, whereby I root to Mother Earth, nourish my chakras and connect to the Universe, allowing it to work through me on my behalf, guiding me to live out my highest purpose for the day, for the betterment of all. 
I set my intentions for the day, to be loving, to be honest towards myself, everyone and everything. 

I bless all souls with love, with peace, with serenity, with courage, with acceptance, with happiness, with nourishment, with patience, with forgiveness- whatever comes to mind in those moments.  

When I come to, I gently tap my entire body from the tips of my feet to the top of my head, as a way of saying “Good Morning Dear Child, I’m here for you, I got You.”

 From there, I head into gentle stretches. Sometimes Sun Salutations, sometimes The Five Tibetans, sometimes the exercises related to the Ayurvedic Intestinal Cleanse: Shanka Prakshalana, and sometimes I do exactly what comes to mind, like during menstruation, when I tend to do more balancing poses, if anything at all. There are even times when I wake up and don’t want to do any of the above, so I consciously allow myself to skip all of it. Nothing “bad” happens there’s no “bad karma.” 

 I do 24/36 hour fasts (only water with a coffee or tea), without any food, 2x per week, which is no more than giving this precious body a break from all the work of digesting, releasing and everything in between. 

 I eat a (mainly) plant-based diet, because that’s what my body tells me it likes best.

Before I die to the day and fall into sleep, I give thanks to all that was.

 That’s me, that’s my way and I encourage you to find yours too. There’s no better satisfaction in life than tuning into your “Inner Being/Source/Universe/God.” 

 That is true freedom, and at 40 years old, This Little Cookie is excited about every single day I get to share these bits of joy with you.  

 Once again, your freedom may well come a very different way than described above, and now that you’ve made it to this point, throw away my words, and carry on the best path for you.

Lots of love to you each and again, I thank you for tuning in. 

God Bless You. ❤ ❤ 

PS: here’s a short follow up video I did with a few pointers for your own body talk.(Youtube). I welcome your questions and comments.




Stop Trying to Understand ANYTHING!

 Carrying on with “Tuesday’s with Manj” this is the fourth video, which has everything to do with feeling good in your own skin and leaving others to their own devices, allowing them to be as they are- perfect, as are you.

To see the Facebook live version, please click on the picture below, or here for Youtube


For starters, there’s a brilliant quote by some wise unknown soul that goes as so: 

“Trying to understand what someone is thinking is like trying to smell the color nine.”

 Totally something that would come out of Douglas Adams’ creative mind, something so nonsensical, yet so great, in equal measure. 

If you’re stopping to think about it now, how crazy does it sound?
We can probably agree that we don’t understand ourselves much of the time, and yet, here we are, trying our darndest to understand something or someone else. 

How about you? Does any situation come to mind about today, whereby you’ve driven yourself nuts trying to understand someone/something?

I caught myself just this morning, trying to make my way into the inner workings of someone’s mind before catching myself, blessing them and getting on with things. It hasn’t been and isn’t always a snap though, and is totally dependent on how present I am.
Needless to say, practice has effected great change, in that only just a few months ago, this very subject was one of the factors to my marriage falling apart.  That’s a whole other story, but the short of the long is that through conscious surrendering- one of the ways to get out of ‘trying to understand,’ we are very much together here & now. 

Surrendering is huge. Can you just imagine that The Universe/God/Source/Creator – however you wish to call It), waits for those magic words, “I give up, I surrender, I just can’t do this anymore…” and says, “finally, you got out of the way, and now I can do my job.” In other words:


What if we’re just not supposed to know all the answers anyways…?

What is it about trying desperately to understand someone?
Are we not trying to understand someone else so that we can then better prove our position/point, or have control?
Isn’t that more about ourselves?
Isn’t that about not accepting someone/or something, trying to change, manipulate or coerce them somehow?

Guilty as charged. I’ve fallen under all of that- how about you?

…Get off. Leave them to their thing. They too have an inner guidance system, as you do, and it’s not up to you to connect them to it. Make your life easy and focus on YOU.

On surrender and in regards to Juraj, with my whole heart, I thought we were done. We both called it and agreed, “soul contract over,” with a great deal of love, respect and honor for one another. That sounds fluffy and nice, though I assure you, it was confusing as
F* €K!

I was still in a fog, coming to Canada, and our communication lessened. We talked like friends, and then it all died off. I stopped myself from trying to save “US,” and let it all go. In my mind, though I loved him dearly and wanted the best for him.
My husband and I just weren’t seeing eye to eye anymore….We were, however connected by heart, and in surrendering, and I mean really allow myself to die to the situation, allowing our relationship to die, it’s like we were born again.  That`s happened over and over again in so many different situations-it`s really really incredible.

Sure and truly yes, we fell apart, we died, and something remained, unbeknownst  to either of us- we just took the “call.”
We came back to one another like never before, more respect, love, honor, & support for ourselves (first and foremost), and then one another.

So, to Consciously Surrender is just one way to your personal freedom from understanding, the next way I already mentioned in my first video, though it too, is a common them: 

Conscious allowance of the feelings we have towards the person whom we are trying to understand. 

For example, you’re trying your darndest to understand that friend of yours who falls head over heals in love with all the bad-ass guys, who seem to have a history of addiction, livin’ on the edge, what have you.
You love this friend so much that it pains you to watch her go through yet another break-up, same thing over and over and over again. 

First of all, my darling- it’s not for you to make sense of.
You’re there for love and support, not to further abuse your friend- she is doing her best- we all are.
Follow me- allow yourself to hate your friend who you love so much, who you want nothing but the best for. (I’m sure she wants that for herself too).
In the temple of your mind, you are allowed to say whatever you wish, and I encourage you to exaggerate the crap out of Your “story.” By all means, make it a practice to judge her, to berate her, to belittle her – CONSCIOUSLY, AND IN YOUR OWN MIND. She does not need your projections, however well intentioned they are.   Does this make sense? Believe you me, if there was a time for Douglas Adams to return to this post, it would be now.

Freaking out in your mind about someone? Projections? Who- me, judgemental…? Me? Yes you, yes me. Let us stop trying to understand people/situations. Let us instead love our way through it all.

And on that note, one more way to stop the cycle of understanding: LOVE.
Love the one who’s judging. Love the one who’s trying to control a situation or person. Love the one who’s hurting – This is YOU I speak of. When we are “trying to understand, we’ve gone too far way from ourselves.”

Let’s come on back to the “state of love,” where our greatness resides, from where miracles occur, from where WE all shine.

In a heartbeat you can liberate yourself from others’ “stories,” by just allowing them to be. By loving them through whatever is going on. (21 Feb. 2017)

God Bless You each & so much love to You.

"Modern Abstinence" – 24 hours of Complete Solitude

I wrote a post a couple weeks back, called “Going Far Far Away,” just before the events of this post- before, ‘leaving again.’

Technically, I didn’t go very far, either time. I went into the ‘ashram of my mind,’ and this time, even further. 

On the eve of 21 July, I went to bed as usual, though a little excited for the day to come. 

My eyes popped open before sunrise, and with both of our phones & computer switched off, I was reliant on the sun to tell me what time it was. Around 5am, I thought – perfect. I had about an hour’s walk ahead of me and wanted to avoid the searing heat, leaving as early as possible. 

Off I went, en route to Yurai’s (my husband) place, and what was I to do there? 

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. 

As mentioned, I’d already gone into ‘the ashram of my mind,’ a week prior, in my own flat, and was curious to see how I’d be in another environment with no ‘distractions.’ 

Yurai had also done it around the same time as myself, but for three days. Such an enriching experience, he decided to open his doors to others to be able to delve into the depths of themselves, like we had. 

In essence, I was the first to try out his place. 
In “The Garden of Peace,” (Yurai’s home), you won’t find much at all. 

The Jellyfish room has a mattress on the floor, with a bedside lamp. 
The Mandala room has a chair, and Dominika sits atop the window sill. 
There is no computer, nor radio, nor TV. 
The kitchen is basic, with an empty fridge in a side room, which generally remains off. 
There is a juicer, though I opted not to eat or drink at all (besides water). 

My experience: 
I had no expectations going in, and just went with my flow. I was curious as to what might come up, especially without even so much as a pen and paper to write or draw this time. 

After I arrived, I put my bag down, myself right after, and fell asleep, only to awake some time later to a jackhammer which seemed to be drilling right inside my ear, despite being four floors down. 

Before I accepted the noise I was totally annoyed. With acceptance, it faded into the background. 

Awake again, and with energy, what to do? 


I laid down on the ground in the Mandala room, observing my mind, allowing it to wander. 

There wasn’t much there, contrary to the week prior. No anger came up this time, no repetitive negative thoughts for me to deal with, so I went into the love mantra. 

“I love you Munjeet Sehra,” was where I started, before sending love to others. Names were just popping into my mind, so I loved the person who showed up. 

It was during this time that I became emotional. I was deeply content and at peace already, and when Yurai came up, I felt an even more overwhelming sense of love, in and around me. It was really something wonderful and that was the only time I cried – tears of joy. 

I continued to stretch my body and mind, remaining in yoga for much of my stay, without an inkling of physical time. Nothing mattered at all. I realised in the days after that I never paced, nor looked for something to do. Such a different ‘trip,’ from the first one, that I cannot encourage you enough to try. 

Having stared at the Mandala, for a long time, I turned round to face the windows, still laying on the ground, looking out at the sky. I used to do this a lot as a child, and started doing it again last year (more regularly), as I find such peace in the sky. 

That was my day. In and out of sleep, meditation, drinking water, releasing it…Sometimes I would move back to the jellyfish room to sit/lay on the mattress as opposed to the hard floor. 

When there, I spent a great deal of time watching the transparent fuscia jellyfish, which seem to float along the walls. I observed how they were painted, and imagined myself recreating them. It was incredible to see the shades of that room change as darkness set in. The jellyfish turned a more vibrant fuscia, and the water went from a sky blue to a marvellous teal, much like that of the most beautiful beach you can imagine. 

Observing this work of art, I imagined myself painting a cherry blossom tree in Yurai’s kitchen. Also in my imagination, I created all kinds of food…All things which made my heart smile. At times, I sang aloud, and I observed this voice I’ve been given, this body, this hair. 

As the jellyfish and water transformed at dusk, I listened to and watched the birds outside, playing. Playing like children play. Laughing, singing, dancing in the sky, putting on a great performance. 

Out of the blue, I had a notion that birds and cats are are aliens, whilst dogs are more ‘us,’ more human like.  Suppose that comes from a lot of observing! 😉 

As in the video – an interview with Yurai about my experience – what gave me “stress,” was awakening the following morning, knowing that Yurai was to arrive at 9am, marking the end of my 24 hours in solitude – and that then I would get to create the things of my imagination. 

True, I was totally anxious, excited, and raring to go – like a five year old girl, about to go to an amusement park. 

What a brilliant experience, and a week later, I feel evermore calm. 

My period arrived, with barely any pain this time round. For three months it came with excruciating pain, and that lifted. I was/have been more expressive, in a loving way over the last week – which was a wondrous thing for me to experience….It was, has been ‘awesome,’ for lack of a better word. 😉 

I practise some form of solitude when I feel I need to, and am getting used to my body telling me to switch off. 

You see, I have days when the last thing I want, is to get on my phone or computer, or see anyone. I too have crappy moments, and sometimes awake feeling out of balance. 
This is my form of self-love and self-care, and in switching off, I’m able to carry on living out my dharma, being a source of light for myself first, then others. 

Solitude is bliss, and we can do it anywhere, any time. The notion that you have to go far far away, to a distant and eastern land, to find yourself is ok for those who have the means to do so. 
Does it work? What happens when you return to your natural/own environment? Can you sustain the richness of what you felt, the things in  you that shifted upon your return? 

Better perhaps to start in your own space. It doesn’t matter where you go, as the answers are always inside you. So you need not go far, just into the ashram of your mind. 

Try going inward in your own home first, and see what happens. Be an observer of you, to then become your own healer. 

Huge thanks to my dear husband, for opening up his space, not just for me but for anyone who wishes to go on this inward journey. ❤

Peace, love and light. 

Going Far Far Away

I’m off again shortly, but before I tell you where, allow me to tell you about my last trip: 

What my mind felt like today- blossoming

15 July, 2015

I woke up brand new, so alive today. Even the air was different, and I felt like I was floating when walking. 

Finally I awoke with a smile and resumed my regular morning activities, unlike the past few days. 

I did my water meditation, went for my usual walk through the vineyards, even had my camera (phone), to take pictures. 

Homemade shampoo, inspired by dear friend
Ashley Binford of Binford’s All Naturals 🙂

I was finally inspired to get back to you, back to social media, but was side tracked in the kitchen – making shampoo, then ended up cleaning the entire flat (like I had my mind), before stopping everything to watch the clouds roll by, and finally heading off to a friends to cook an Indian Feast. 

Indian Feasting with Friends- Veg & Rice 
Lentils & Chicken Curry -my style

The story was quite the opposite only yesterday. Not only did I not want to see anyone, I lacked the motivation for even my own routine stuff. That’s when I decided I was going away, way inside myself- let’s call it ‘going within.’ 

I pretty much got up, sat on the couch, doing the love mantra, as I so often do,  (I love you Munjeet Sehra), though this, whatever I was experiencing was a mega toughie. I hadn’t felt this heaviness in a while, being so ‘off,’ and without reason, or so I thought – the reasons came. 

In going quiet from everyone and everything, I eventually got angry, and then very sad. I fell asleep in my misery and awoke sometime later in the afternoon, not feeling all that much better. 

On an aside, I offer you the details of my life, so as to show you the many shades it has, the many shades of me. 
I am whole, and I am perfect- this does not evade me, ever, (anymore).

The beauty of getting to wear this human body is that we do have emotions, many of them, and our 5+ senses. To be in a body is to actually be in bliss, and walk heaven on earth with all that we’ve been given. 

Solitude reminded me of all that. Solitude reminded me of how eternally lucky I am to be alive. 

Collard Greens & Buckwheat in Chili & Garlic
My version of a ‘dump cake/crumble.’

The anger prolonged after I awoke, and not having made strict rules with myself for my day away, I decided I would eat after all. Getting creative always helps me, so I made something lovely for my tummy – something new, (which I’m adding to my foodblog, when I return from going within), and then got it in my mind to make a mandala. 

The one pictured was based on the head of a poppy. In the centre of the page, I traced out the head, and everything else came to be, from that shape.

A ‘Love Mandala,’

The beauty of nature – Poppy Heads 

The anger eventually dissipated whilst I coloured away, and I understood clearly where it came from and with whom it had to do with. This surprised me much, and told me that what I needed was more love, not less. That the person I was angry towards, had no business of it- it was not their issue at all- just mine. 

I knew that, tough as it was, what I was going through, was for my betterment, that much I trusted absolutely. 

My day pretty much ended with creating and coloring in, the ‘Love Mandala,’ & even though I went to bed very sad, with lots of tears, I awoke as this post began, in the state of love again, at peace, born again to another day. 

Interestingly enough, I’d already started to lessen my time on social media (it’s by no means an issue for me, rather that taking time off from it, like anything, is rejeuvanating- and reminds me why I do what I do). 

During the water meditation this morning, the message was loud and clear: show love, the path of love. 

I may not be a regular blogger, vlogger, or regular anything, but I do listen to the kid in me, who’s my guiding light. That is my pattern, to hear her voice when she’s upset, drop everthing & nurture her. 

So we’ve come to the end of this post, and I don’t end without telling you that I’m doing it again. I’m going away, ‘Going Within,’ – back into the ashram of my mind–  but this time I’m leaving my flat and going to Yurai’s (my husband’s), place – where there is bare minimum, and absolutely no distractions. 

I’m curious how I’ll fare, with absolutely nothing. No writing, no cooking, (I’m choosing to fast, and will drink water only), no designing, no creativity, no computer, no phone. 

Nothing but me, myself and I, and all the things that come up, that I’m stuffing away, not wanting to deal with. 

Yurai did it last week for three days, which he did a vlog about (in Slovak)

Going offline shortly. See you on the other side. 🌞

Much love & peace to you. 

Notes from DAYS 9/10/11 Body/Mind Cleanse- NO FOOD

Day 9
Had difficulty sleeping and actually had much energy, and ideas.
Was thinking about food, and creating more amazing things, starting a food blog, etc – was quite excited.

Got up to use the loo at some point, after I had finally fallen asleep. Must have been around 2-3 am, and didn’t fall back asleep til the trams started running about about 4am, and the birds were singing. 

Though my mind was going again, in creative mode, my body still lags a little.
Had a bowel movement this morning!! Who could ever be so excited about that? 🙂 
Well, I’d been expecting it for days and finally I let go of whatever it was I’d been holding onto. Today is a day of change. 🙂

Don’t know if I saw it or heard it, or what, but through my sleep, the message I was getting was “communication.” I know what that means for me – what I’ve been talking about for the last week, get out and connect with the world again. Being a hermit doesn’t suit me.
Day 10

-Awoke sooooo tired.

-Yurai and I had a taste for coffee, so we went into town for one. It was lovely, but we both turned to one another and said it was unnecessary.

-My breath is horrid – (and when I say horrid, I mean HORRID! I actually licked my hand and took a whiff, and nearly fainted). Thank goodness Yurai and I are doing this together!

-I stink (body odour).

-My skin is awesome.

-Cellulite is disintegrating from legs

-Haven’t had need for salt
-My sleep habits seem to be shifting. Tonight, if I’m buzzing with energy, I’ll get up and work my creativity, instead of doing it in my mind, awake in bed.

-We’re developing a carpet of hair, all over the place, (and every where I go!), no matter how often I clean. Seems I’m releasing dead hair at a faster rate. Not a worry, as I’ve got plenty, and it’s still shiny and strong.

I am infinitely grateful for our tongue scrapers, which are working overtime. That little metal tool, goes a very long way, immediately cleaning.
This is, alas, part of the detox process. It comes out everywhere, hence I mentioned that I stink. Might sound funny, but it’s the truth.
I normally don’t wear deodrant these days, and for the most part I’m fine. This is different though, like you can’t even scrub the smell away.  But again, it’s part of the detox and cleansing process, so I roll with it.
Being out was wonderful. We took in some sun, enjoyed coffee slowly, and replayed our infamous first kiss, at the café where we met. I’m all up for PDA, why not? 🙂 And while we’re on the topic, neither of us has had the urge for sex, though we’re still very affectionate. (This is amazing, considering Yurai was a borderline sex addict). Don’t get me wrong, we’re regulars – and maybe it’s got to do with the tiredness – though I can say, last night’s massage was magical. 😉  Being present in each others presence is in and of itself very strong. 

An interesting point to mention is that last week, my vision was starting to go funny. I’ve been blessed with 20/20 vision thus far, and don’t at all believe age has anything to do with failing eyesight.
Low and behold, it’s perfect again! :)) What did I do? Tapping! Of course, and I reckon the healing properties of the water played a role too.  (No it wasn’t just something stuck in my eyes, it was more like a layer of fuzz, over both of them, and I was squinting to see.

Now then, in the very first post I’d mentioned how much I love food, everything about it and what it does for each of my senses. Needless to say, I miss cooking, more so than eating.  This cleanse is different in that as Yurai and I are doing it together, and I’m not cooking for him.  The last time, I was coming up with all kinds of creative and delicious stuff (so he says 😉 ), and I really miss that, BUT that’s over soon, as we’re invited to his parents this weekend, and guess who’s cooking? 🙂 I don’t think anyone would have it any other way.

We’re both looking very much forward to the high of creativity through playing with food.  Pictures, and details to come, of course. 
Loving the effects of this cleanse.
Day 11
Finally, I slept like a kitten, through the whole night, and refreshed in the morning.
Dreams are becoming far more real, and I seem to be dealing with stuff from my waking life, whilst asleep. Resolutions, creation, fun…all kinds of goodness.
Normal bladder releases.
No bowel movement.
Focus is better, learning much in regards to energy.

Early in bed.