DIY Fashion 

A few weeks ago, cupid’s arrow struck me, and in a few hours, I had this top.
Does that make sense?

I used to think of being struck by cupid’s arrow to mean that someone or I has fallen in love.
I did. I have. I do – over and over again.

Creating this top, was for no rhyme or reason, just that I was drawn to it. I tapped into my imagination, played, had a great deal of fun in doing so, and done. Now that the process is over, I could really care less about it all- it was all about the good feeling journey of it, which led me to other things, which as soon as I hit the “publish” button, in a few moments, I’m off to create something I’ve had my mind on.

You see, what’s so cool about this, is that I’ve come to realize that the things that I do, be it (re)creating an item of clothing, or delightful pleasures for all kinds of taste buds, or even working with others- it’s all one in the same for me.

I reach for the most fun stuff that’s within my range to make this top.
Already tasting in my mind, what I’m to conjure up, it usually ends up as such.
When working with others, my heart and mind make connections that are just the right thing for that person, listening, tweaking, feeling just the right thing to say, or not to say, to do, or not to do.

And, if I may say, all of the above is no different from the beautiful feeling of bliss when in (the state of) love with my partner, and hence making love is pure ecstatic creation, elation, profound richness…It’s all the same to me- it’s all love. 

..I digress- back to the heart top, shall we?

This cute little number, came about very organically, as in, I saw the fabric, held it up to myself, got a semblance of what I was going to do and it all just came about. Even with my fashion design background, I didn’t use measuring tapes and such.

Step 1- I found a piece of fabric, folded it in half to see if the length would work for me – it did – and if the width too, was ok- it was.
What you see above is the entire piece I used to make the top.
There were only two seams that held the whole thing together, along the sides.

Step 2- I’ve only just refold the top along the shoulder/neck line.
I cut a slit along that top fold, so my hit could fit through and did no shaping to it.

Step 3- I pulled my notions along as I was making the top, like adding herbs and spices to my food creations and this is all that I ended up with.
(Indeed I am my mothers daughter, she being the inspirateur behind my designing. She’s fully stocked with machines, fabrics, notions, you name it, mum’s got it. 😉 )


Step 4- the finishing of one sleeve was this lovely black lace which I sewed atop of white elastic (non- functional, but thought it was terribly cute, right? ;), and it was all held in place by red thread.

Step 5 – the other sleeve – which I kept on the simpler side – took on this lovely red fabric I found lying around. And see that? The adorable buttons on the edge of one side of the neckline.

Step 6 – the other side of the neckline adorns loose strips of the red (which finished the neckline), as well as a black velour bow – which admittedly doesn’t show up so well in the pic.

tep 7 – Almost done. The very last thing I did, (which happened to be the very first idea I had when I got into mind I was making a top), was to place this red heart close to my own. 😉 Looking a little naked, I found this role of black transparent nylon cut on bias, which begged for me to use it. Fit like lingerie on my beautiful shiny heart. 😉

C’est tout. 😉 All done and it turned out more delicious than I first imagined. Go figure 😉


This Little Cookie- hey, that`s me. 🙂 Where`s your heART at?

Good. All done, now I can go play with something else. Aquafaba’s been on my mind for too many days. I’ll let you google that. 😉

Go play, and have fun with all that you do. That’s truly how we move mountains, change and create worlds- our inner world, that is. More on that tomorrow in the third installment of “Tuesday’s With Manj: Martyrdom.”

Much peace love and fun to you,


PS: It took everything in me not to edit these pictures. The perfectionist in me is fading away. I like that.




Upcylcing an Old Favorite 



If you know me at all, you  know I am a creative creature.

Among other creative stuff, for as long as I can remember, I’ve been sewing and designing.

In recent weeks, whilst on a slight detour from the new program I’m creating called 5ive Elements, based on getting aligned, I was “forced” to have fun. (If ever there could be a thing)!

Truth of the matter is, I was in a beautiful creative flow with high momentum, until I wasn’t. The “slight detour,” wasn’t one I initially wanted to take, in fact my resistance was high, but seeing I was the best fit to go down that path, I allowed myself to do the thing I didn’t really want to, very consciously, which meant zero resistance after all.

In doing so, not that I “lost” momentum or flow for 5ive Elements, I decided not to stress that I couldn’t dedicate my focus there, and put it elsewhere- into fun. 🙂

I made a deal with myself that that I’d made the conscious choice that I did, I needed to enjoy myself with the rest of my time.

So, I played and I played and I played. 🙂

I created, I listened to music, even sat at the tabla and dropped a few beats. I played like a child, filling my heart with joy, knowing that as long as I do that (the epitome of self-love), then everything – 5ive Elements – will take shape and form, as it should in the perfect time.

That said, I share with you my first creation. This was one of my most favorite tops ever. Super comfy, soft stretchy cotton, just the right length, and fit- not too tight, nor loose-. Buuuut, there was a hole in one armpit, and as you can see from the first pic, both pits were pretty worn out.

diy grey 1of5.jpg

It was really ready for the garbage, I’d even set it aside, and then the day I decided to play, I eyed it and jumped into action.

I like one of the new trends out right now, of long sleeves with shoulder cut-outs, and well, I love the way my shoulders look, so out came the scissors, and off came the shoulders.



With the scissors in hand, I decided to open up the neckline, cutting away the ribbing, which I thought I might use to tie up the bit left of the should seam….


There was that lovely green velour (the same one I’d worn as an eye patch when I was having fun healing my eye (not the same one in video though)),  and I opted for read thread.


Ok- a few steps got skipped in between (picture-wise), but I was on such a roll that I just forgot to. In any case, this was what I ended up with. 🙂

diy5of5.jpgMe in my ‘brand new’ top – C’est tout 😉

As always, play :**

Big Love from This Little Cookie ❤