…but, Who Are You..? 

It was after watching the epic documentary “Dr. Strange,” a couple of nights ago, that these very words came to me:

Who are you without your partner?
Who are you without your parents?

Who are you without your brothers & sisters-
who are you without your children?

Who are you without your family?
Who are you without your friends?

Who are you without your pet-
that dog to walk, that cat to pet?

Who are you without your colleagues & job?
Who are you without your boss?

Who are you when you’re standing naked in the shower-
Who do you become?

Without everyone and everything, who do you become? What do you do?
What do you not do?

Who do you become?

A few weeks back, I asked the woman at the counter, who was assessing the particulars of my passport for renewal, if she loved her job.

“It’s ok,” she responded.

“What would you LOVE to do,” I then asked?

“To help people,” she said, an answer that so many people come back with.

Is this you? Is it your calling to help others?

My question to you is: 
Who are You, beautiful one, when there is no one to help? 
Who do you become? 

Much love, as always,
xxManj ❤

PS: Do watch Doctor Strange– there’s a good dose of “reality” in there. 😉




It’s ok To Feel WHATEVER You’re Feeling

I carry on posting the second installment of Tuesday’s With Manj: IT’S OK TO FEEL WHATEVER YOU’RE FEELING- . The Facebook live version can be seen here, or click the picture below to view on Youtube.  

( If you missed the first one “Victim/Self-Pity, you can read/tune into it here.


Follow up thoughts: 

For so much of our lives we’re told not to feel sad, or not to be angry, to get over whatever’s bothering us, to “get a life,” when really what we need to be told is something along the lines of “I’m sorry you’re feeling that way, let’s hear it,” without judgement. All we really need to know is that what we’re going through is ok. 

 This is something I find myself saying more and more to not just myself, but anyone around me, who’s seems to be in need.

 How about that? What if right now, whatever it is you’re going through and trying so hard to resist, I gave you permission to fully feel your way through it? 

That doesn’t mean that you have permission to lash out at anyone around you- what’s going on in you, is going on in you. (By all means lash out, curse, do what you need to do in regards to another, within the comfort of your mind, very very honestly. And I remind you to do your inner dialogue by allowing yourself whatever you are feeling towards someone else, be it hate, frustration, pity, anger- feel it consciously).

 Our emotions are very much a part of us, just like our physical body. In regards to the story with one of my best friends and her little one, can you imagine that you are your own child, and when things are going wrong, to treat yourself as such? Treat yourself like you would a small child in pain, who’s crying seems to have no end. 

 What is our need to wear such a brave face on the outside, when we have crying child inside. What good does that do anyone at all? It doesn’t matter how old we are, or tough, male or female- emotions are emotions, we all have them, and if we’re not dealing with them, (as we’ve been programmed by our family -who were programmed by theirs- by the school system, by media, by peers etc etc), they’re stuck inside of us. 

 Must you know what is “stuck” inside of you in order to let it out?
Must you analyze the heck out of your childhood to see where things went wrong?
Must you look into every failed relationship to decipher reoccurring patterns?…

Perhaps you must, but you do not have to. 

My dear, whatever has gone on in your life, YOU HAVE SURVIVED IT ALL, bless you. 

We are here and now- you’ve made it this far. Keep going, and see if you can alter your perspective just a little, by allowing everything you feel.

 Use this template when ever you feel something not so good happening to you and even around you: “I allow myself to feel ———.” Keep going with whatever comes up, until you find your peace and balance again. 

 If you no longer know what it feels like to be in balance, there’s no better time to start than right now.

 Baby steps, ok? Trust me, I’ve been in your shoes.  If you’re questioning your life, your purpose, you’re on the right track. The beginning is the toughest, and you’re cracking through that now – or wherever you may be on your spiritual journey- it gets better and better as you become more and more aware of You, and the greatness that you are.  

 Sending you all lots of love, and thanks again for coming along. 

PS: A great film to watch to see the anatomy of emotions in a brilliant way is “Inside Out,” directed by Pete Docter, & Ronnie del Carmen.

Become Your Own Soulmate

Brilliant song- Gorecki by Lamb
(lyrics below).

What my heart told me in the

spaces of this beautiful song:

 Be Your Own Soulmate. 

You are the one you’ve been looking for. 

You are the one to love til seas run dry. 

Find the one you’ve waited for, in yourself. 

Gorecki, by Lamb

If I should die this very moment

I wouldn’t fear

For I’ve never known completeness

Like being here

Wrapped in the warmth of you

Loving every breath of you

Still in my heart this moment

Or it might burst

Could we stay right here

Until the end of time until the earth stops turning

Gonna love you until the seas run dry

I’ve found the one I’ve waited for

All this time I’ve loved you

And never known your face


All this time I’ve missed you

And searched this human race

Here is true peace

Here my heart knows calm

Safe in your soul

Bathed in your sighs

Want to stay right here

Until the end of time

All I’ve known

All I’ve done

All I’ve felt was leading to this

All I’ve known

All I’ve done

All I’ve felt was leading to this

Gonna stay right here

‘Till the end of time ’till the earth stops turning

I’m gonna love you ’till the seas run dry

I’ve found the one I’ve waited for

The one I’ve waited for

God Bless You Dear One: You are the One❤️🙏🏼✨

Upcylcing an Old Favorite 



If you know me at all, you  know I am a creative creature.

Among other creative stuff, for as long as I can remember, I’ve been sewing and designing.

In recent weeks, whilst on a slight detour from the new program I’m creating called 5ive Elements, based on getting aligned, I was “forced” to have fun. (If ever there could be a thing)!

Truth of the matter is, I was in a beautiful creative flow with high momentum, until I wasn’t. The “slight detour,” wasn’t one I initially wanted to take, in fact my resistance was high, but seeing I was the best fit to go down that path, I allowed myself to do the thing I didn’t really want to, very consciously, which meant zero resistance after all.

In doing so, not that I “lost” momentum or flow for 5ive Elements, I decided not to stress that I couldn’t dedicate my focus there, and put it elsewhere- into fun. 🙂

I made a deal with myself that that I’d made the conscious choice that I did, I needed to enjoy myself with the rest of my time.

So, I played and I played and I played. 🙂

I created, I listened to music, even sat at the tabla and dropped a few beats. I played like a child, filling my heart with joy, knowing that as long as I do that (the epitome of self-love), then everything – 5ive Elements – will take shape and form, as it should in the perfect time.

That said, I share with you my first creation. This was one of my most favorite tops ever. Super comfy, soft stretchy cotton, just the right length, and fit- not too tight, nor loose-. Buuuut, there was a hole in one armpit, and as you can see from the first pic, both pits were pretty worn out.

diy grey 1of5.jpg

It was really ready for the garbage, I’d even set it aside, and then the day I decided to play, I eyed it and jumped into action.

I like one of the new trends out right now, of long sleeves with shoulder cut-outs, and well, I love the way my shoulders look, so out came the scissors, and off came the shoulders.



With the scissors in hand, I decided to open up the neckline, cutting away the ribbing, which I thought I might use to tie up the bit left of the should seam….


There was that lovely green velour (the same one I’d worn as an eye patch when I was having fun healing my eye (not the same one in video though)),  and I opted for read thread.


Ok- a few steps got skipped in between (picture-wise), but I was on such a roll that I just forgot to. In any case, this was what I ended up with. 🙂

diy5of5.jpgMe in my ‘brand new’ top – C’est tout 😉

As always, play :**

Big Love from This Little Cookie ❤